w103 by Inga Sempé for Wästberg

w103 by Inga Sempé for Wästberg

The w103 pendant lamp design by French designer Inga Semp© for Swedish company Wästberg will be on show at the Milan Furniture Fair next week.

w103 by Wastberg_4

The minimal w103 pendant lamp by Inga Semp© for Wästberg can be hung as a single hanging shade or hung together in groups using a special rail system.

Available in white, yellow, pink, red, green, grey and black, Semp© has designed an accompanying system of rails for hanging multiple lamps in linear or polygonal arrangements.

w103 by Wastberg_9

The thin rail structure is lightweight and elegant and complements the round shapes of the shades. The w103 is also available as a table lamp.

w103 by Wastberg_5

For more information visit www.wastberg.com





About the manufacturer: Wästberg is a Swedish-based lighting manufacturer that was founded in 2008. Since then, they have logged famous designers such as Inga Semp©, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Ilse Crawford and David Chipperfield, among others. Wästberg launches brand new pieces each year and focuses on modern, fresh lamps and lighting solutions that match any interior project.



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