Statement Soundproofing: Contract Trend

Statement Soundproofing: Contract Trend

With so many options on the market, sound absorption panels no longer have to fade into the background. From panels that double as wall art or multifunctional pieces of furniture, each of these panel designs bring a little something extra to the office.

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As decorative as they are functional these Sound Absorbing Panels by Wobedo absorb everyday mid-range frequency noises such as traffic, noisy kids and barking dogs. The panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.

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Swedish brand Offect‘s Swell Panels by Teppo Asikainen are designed to be used as lightweight sound absorbers in the upper frequency range (500 Hz and above). Offect describe the panels as ‘3D wallpaper’ that helps to reduce disturbing reflections of environmental noise such as voices, telephones etc.

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These hexagon-shaped Träullit Dekor Sound Absorbing Panels by Swedish designers Form Us With Love for Träullit are made from wood and cement. The two materials combine to form cement-bonded wood wool with a thermal-insulating, heat-retaining, fire-proof, and acoustic-absorbing structure.

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Taking inspiration from the sunshades found on Oscar Niemeyer’s modernist architecture in Brasilia, these rotating acoustical BuzziBlinds by BuzziSpace double as room dividers for defining and partitioning open-space offices.

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The Dezibels are a series of floor-standing sound absorbing panels by swedish Note Design Studio for manufacturer Zilenzio. The panels’ generous thickness absorbs all the frequencies of human speech to create a more balanced sound level in crowded public spaces and offices. The panels are available in a range of geometric shapes and sizes.

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