Modern Meets Vintage: Drayton Collection by Victoria + Albert

Modern Meets Vintage: Drayton Collection by Victoria + Albert

Because I actually own a classic clawfoot tub from the late nineteenth century, I know a thing or two about how it feels to bathe in actual Victorian splendor. Let's just say 100+ years ago people were a lot smaller. But now anyone can enjoy the look of a vintage bathtub with much more room, thanks to Victoria + Albert. The company's Drayton bathtub keeps the sinuous silhouette and beautiful rim, then adds depth, length, and width. It's a marriage made in heaven.

Englishcast Volcanic Limestone Maintains Water Temperature Longer

Part of the Drayton Collection, the Drayton Bathtub "is the ideal modern day slipper bath perfect for any bathroom or bedroom setting." Though true to the Victorian period, Drayton has "an added modern day touch" in the extended backrest and streamlined feet. Its ergonomics are great as well: the bathtub "has been re-designed to create a luxurious bathing experience." Like other Victoria + Albert products, Drayton is made from ENGLISHCAST¬ģ, a unique naturally white material rich in volcanic limestone that maintains water temperature longer.

Modern Meets Vintage: Drayton Collection by Victoria + Albert

Complementing the Drayton bathtub is Drayton 40, a compact sink with lovely rim detailing. With a 15-3/4-inch diameter, Drayton 40 works well in small bathrooms.

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About the Manufacturer: Victoria + Albert designs and manufactures volcanic limestone baths, in addition to vessel basins, bath and basin mixers, and a variety of bathtub and sink accessories. If a "volcanic limestone tub" is new parlance to you, you might better know the material under the term "Englishcast," a high performance resin that captures the look of classic cast iron tubs without the inconvenience of the weight.


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