Milan 2013: Foscarini

Milan 2013: Foscarini


presented a bevy of new products at Euroluce 2013, which are the result of partnerships with young talents and well-known international designers, including Jean Marie Massaud, the Norwegian duo Anderssen & Voll, Simon Pengelly, Luca Nichetto, Studio Wettstein, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Lucidi&Pevere and Philippe Nigro. Pictured above is Flip by Simon Pengelly.

Milan 2013, Euroluce 2013, foscarini ,Yoko ,Anderssen and Voll
Yoko by Anderssen and Voll

Standout Yoko by Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll is a delicate and abstract bubble, which moves through space, fills the environment with a Northern white light.

Milan 2013, Euroluce 2013, Foscarini, Lake, Lucidi and pevere
Lake by Lucidi and Pevere
foscarini ,Rituals, L R Palomba ,Milan 2013, Euroluce 2013
Rituals by L + R Palomba
Foscarini, couchin mini ,Ionna Vautrin, Milan 2013, Euroluce 2013
Couchin Mini by Ionna Vautrin

About the Manufacturer: Research and innovation, attention to quality in production and services offered, an international focus, maximum flexibility and, above all, a product-centred culture that is the result of good design: these are the elements that characterise Foscarini's company identity. As a result of these qualities, Foscarini has managed to develop its collection of models with a strong personality, the fruit of coherence between design and production. Its partnership with grand masters and young talents from the international design circuit, with different types of professional experience and creativity, the central nature of the project and the company's flexibility, have led to original products that are dictated each time by the features of each single design.

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