Change It Up: Kitchen Trend

Change It Up: Kitchen Trend

Today’s kitchen’s fill a range of uses-that’s why making them adaptable is more important than ever. A fresh batch of designs create reconfigurable storage solutions and workspaces to suit any appetite:

SieMatic Floating Spaces, kitchen, trend

Siematic FloatingSpaces: Available in almost all of SieMatic’s surface finishes, the panel system include modular, customizable elements to suit individual space-planning needs in open-plan kitchens. Shelving finishes can be specified to create tone-on-tone contrast with the system’s wall panels.

Grado, Molteni & C, Ron Gilad, kitchen, trend

Grado° by Molteni & C: Ron Gilad’s new collection makes a bold statement with geometric shapes. Like the tables and shelves in the collection, the freestanding cupboard, ideal for pantry storage in a kitchen, plays with 45-degree joint angles and basic shapes reconfigured in new ways.

Tria, Mobles 114, kitchen, trend

Tria by Mobles 114: Available in wall-mounted and freestanding models, the shelving system has chrome uprights and reconfigurable painted metallic or stainless steel shelves ideal for kitchen, office, or living room storage.

Modulküche HOG Tischmodul, table module, kitchen, trend

Modulküche HOG Table Module by steininger.designers: Designed by Martin Steininger, a table module complements four individual elements that create a reconfigurable kitchen. Each kitchen module is available in stone, concrete, or ceramic; the addition of the table helps facilitate easy workflow between storage, food preparation, eating, and cleaning.

MN 502 by HENRYTIMI, kitchen, trend, modular, cabinet

MN 502 by HenryTimi: Mario Nanni Progettista’s multifunctional containers can be customized for a wide range of uses. When closed, they are simple monolithic forms; when opened, they can reveal a small kitchen, refrigerator, an oven, a wine cellar, storage, or even a small study.

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