AphroChic Juju by Jeanine Hay for Graham & Brown

AphroChic Juju by Jeanine Hay for Graham & Brown

Last year we featured interior designer Jeanine Hay’s AphroChic Collection of wallpapers and decorative accessories for British wallpaper brand Graham & Brown. This year, the collaboration continues with the addition of a new pattern to the popular line. 

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The new AphroChic Juju by Jeanine Hay for Graham & Brown is a vibrant pattern that dazzles life into the contemporary home.

Influenced by the bold floral design of the African Cameroon Juju hat, the AphroChic Juju collection is a contemporary interpretation of traditional floral design. The collection includes designer wallpaper, plush accent pillows, tabletop placements and table-runners.

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AphroChic Juju is available in three striking colorways - Blue and Green, Pink and Red and Black and Gold -  all printed on polyester eco-canvas.

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Graham and Bron can be contacted on 1-800-554-0887 customerservice@grahambrownusa.com www.grahambrown.com

About the manufacturer: Started by two British friends, Harold Graham and Henry Brown in 1946, the Graham & Brown wallpaper company was launched after World War II when there was a severe shortage of paper following the War. Henry and Harold cleverly procured a large supply of surplus metallic paper, an eight-colour surface printer and a new embossing machine, with which the two men began a wallpaper revolution. Today the company has expanded into the United States, France, Holland, Russia, Canada, and China and has an international reputation as a leading design house and manufacturer of high quality wallpaper.

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