Re-Visit George Nelson’s Beautiful Miniature Chests

Re-Visit George Nelson’s Beautiful Miniature Chests

I think the phrase "poetry in motion" may have been devised in reference to smooth gliding surfaces. In part because it's so hard to do well (if you doubt me just try to hang a door), there's something exquisitely beautiful about a well functioning door, window, or cabinet drawer-the latter expertly exemplified in iconic designer George Nelson's collection of Miniature Chests.

Herman Miller's Fine Craftsmen Hand-Fit Every Drawer

Re-Visit George Nelson's Beautiful Miniature Chests

Nelson was much beloved of Japanese design, and one senses as much when first in the presence of his sublime miniature chests. Hand-crafted from teak and other solid woods, these minimalistic six- and nine-drawer chests display the slim elegance, painstaking expertise, and superlative functionality of the best in Japanese wood craftsmanship.

Herman Miller's expert reproductions of Nelson's chests offer a multitude of options: six- or nine-drawers with vertical or horizontal configurations; metal pedestal bases painted in white or black or polished aluminum; and base-less as a stackable model.

All of that is, of course, wonderful and enough to recommend them whether you're a mid-century connoisseur or not, but the biggest selling point are those seamless, flawless, perfectly functioning drawers: "exactingly hand crafted by cabinetmakers who fit each drawer, ensuring proper alignment, to provide lots of wonderful spaces to store wonderful things."

Re-Visit George Nelson's Beautiful Miniature Chests

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Six and Nine-Drawer Miniature Chests

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About the Manufacturer: Founded in Zeeland, Michigan in 1905 under the name "Star Furniture Company," manufacturer Herman Miller is synonymous with the rise of Modern design in America and throughout the world. Under the aegis of design director George Nelson, the company has collaborated with such renowned designers as Isamu Noguchi, Robert Propst, and Charles and Ray Eames.

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