Blanco Introduces Quatrus Sink Series

Blanco Introduces Quatrus Sink Series

When stainless steel sinks first entered the residential and hospitality markets, they were often industrial replicas. Styles like Blanco‘s new Quatrus sink advance the material with an X-drain design and contemporary shape that is suited to modern interiors but is still available at a low price point.

Blanco, Quatrus, stainless steel, sink, kitchen

Blanco’s Steelart sink was the first stainless steel model to achieve a 10mm radius

The Quatrus series includes five 18-gauge stainless steel undermount sinks-sizes include bar, equal double, medium single, super single and 1 3/4 bowls-and coordinating accessories like cutting boards and colanders. Bowl depth ranges from 8 inches on the bar bowl to 9 inches on kitchen sinks, and the series fits cabinets from 21 to 36 inches, depending on the model. Sinks are finished in the company’s trademarked Satin Finish for ease of cleaning and hygiene.

Blanco, Quatrus, sink, stainless steel

“Compare Quatrus to other sinks in this price range and you can tell just by running your finger down the hand polished corners that this sink is unique,” says Tim Maicher, Blanco’s director of marketing. “Quatrus won’t have weld marks, won’t rust-plus Quatrus offers sound deadening pads and other luxury details that makes it a tremendous value in its class.”

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BLANCO QUATRUS Equal Double Bowl
BLANCO QUATRUS Medium Single Bowl
BLANCO QUATRUS Super Single Bowl

Prices range from $550 to $965. For ordering information visit the company’s web site.

About the Manufacturer: For three generations, Blanco has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets and decorative accessories. Proud of its European heritage and award-winning German engineering, BLANCO is steadfastly committed to their tradition of high quality, innovative design and unsurpassed service since 1925. Today, BLANCO is the only supplier in the world to produce its own sinks from start to finish in three materials. Dedicated to quality without compromise, every sink is closely inspected many times before it receives the BLANCO name. BLANCO has a long tradition of environmental stewardship and their production facilities operate to strict DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental performance standards.

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