Lustre lights by Tom Dixon

Lustre lights by Tom Dixon

When it comes to the industrial look, no one does it quite as well as British furniture designer Tom Dixon. Renowned for his sculptural metal work, this year Dixon introduced Lustre – his first ever stoneware lighting design.

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The Lustre lamps feature a striking colour change effect that mimics the iridescent sheen of peacock feathers or oil slicks on water.

Although the lights are made in stone, Dixon has made them appear as if they were cast in a colouful alloy. The hypnotic iridescent sheen is achieved by applying a top-secret glaze that contains minerals and precious metals. The glaze fixes to the stoneware in an unpredictable way so that no two lamps are the same.

Lustre lights by Tom Dixon

Lustre is available in four individual shapes, Round, Wedge, Square and Flat, and sold as a single pendant only. Each lamp features a wide spectrum of color, ranging from a pale lime to a deep bottle green. The below video documents the making process at a Dutch family-run factory established over 5-generations.

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About the Designer: Tom Dixon was established in 2002 as a British design and manufacturing company of lighting and furniture. The company has come into its own over the past decade with their knowing commitment to the up-and-coming and a smart mission to revive the British furniture industry (which many believe they've single-handedly done). Each year a new collection is released – like new versions of the Peg Chair family in this case – that is then distributed and sold in over 60 countries worldwide.


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