Translucents Canopies by USG

Healthcare design is changing dramatically. Just last month at a new hospital in Denver, I came across a two-story waiting lounge complete with a dramatic water feature. The smooth rocks and gurgling sounds almost made me forget the reason for my visit! That type of instant relaxation and aesthetic appeal is exactly the idea behind Translucents Canopies by USG.

Curvy Waves Overhead Ease Patients in Bed

Innovative and elegant, Translucents Canopies add a much needed punch of visual interest overhead. Designed for healthcare, as well as hospitality, retail, and office environments, these pre-formed panels can be suspended individually “or connected with sophisticated hardware for larger ribbon-like runs or complete arrays in larger groupings.” Three configurations provide artistic options that complement any décor: Wave, Vault, and Valley create sweeping, sinuous patterns that improve the mood of patients, visitors, and healthcare workers.

Translucents Canopies add a splash of color, texture, and light—they can be lit from above to brighten anyone’s day. For information on purchasing panels, visit the “Where to Buy” USG website page:

About the Manufacturer: For more than 100 years, Chicago-based USG has produced innovative products and systems to build the environments in which we live, work, and play. The inventor of wallboard and mineral wool ceiling tile, USG helped to create North America’s building materials industry. Their products are used in everything from major commercial developments and residential housing to simple home improvements. The USG flagship brands include SHEETROCK® Brand gypsum panels and DUROCK® cement board.

Posted August 17, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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