The Autobahn Beckons with Arcadia’s Roadster Mobile Lounge

Does it occur to you that race car drivers, negotiating the taut, coiled asphalt at upward of 200 miles per hour, contemplate something akin to “intuitively traversing the collaborative terrain.” In fact the notion makes perfect sense, since sharing the track without sacrificing the competitive edge is tantamount to survival. With regard to the new Roadster Mobile Lounge, the folks at Arcadiahave developed a similar notion.

Roadster Mobile Lounge. Designed by PLD Design Group. Manufactured by Arcadia.

Move About Freely with Arcadia’s Mobile Lounge

Granted, a slip-up in the “collaborative terrain” of workplace common space doesn’t typically equate to a combustive conflagration and a chassis torn to smithereens, but it can result in losing face. Just so, the clever Mobile Lounge “encourages engagement with others... its purposeful cutback arm design enables users to move from one side to the other in order to effortlessly join any conversation.”

And while one might be forgiven for assuming that the modifier “Mobile” suggests some sort of forward propulsion, the locomotor apparatus in this formulation is not necessarily the chair itself (though rolling casters are available), but rather the inhabitant therein. The cleverly designed arms do a double duty as rests and as a kind of impromptu but still ergonomically propitious back, prompting users to simply sit and swivel in order to achieve engagement with proximally positioned co-workers.

Roadster Mobile Lounge. Designed by PLD Design Group. Manufactured by Arcadia.

As if this enhanced freedom of movement weren’t sufficient incentive to invest in a whole legion of Roadsters, Arcadia offers the comfy lounge chair in multiple incarnations, with various perks and options: with or without armrests; casters, fixed legs, or combined; and rotating tablets, power trays, cup holders, and pull handles.

Of course, the ensemble of expansive choice wouldn’t be complete without an aesthetic to die for. Just so, upholstery options for Roadster are varied and sundry, from sunny patterned yellows to sedate grays to refined tones of taupe: “with a modern streamlined aesthetic, together with refined stitching details and attention to detail, Roadster becomes a dynamic and liberating seating experience that stands the test of time.”

About the Manufacturer: Since 1979, Arcadia has manufactured seating and tables for the contract market, including education, healthcare, hospitality, and government venues. Arcadia has its corporate offices and manufacturing facility in Southern California and maintains a permanent showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The company is driven to “respond to customer needs through innovative product design, quality manufacturing, and excellent value.”

Posted August 3, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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