Short, Stout, and Sublime: Penguin by Fluid Faucets

Perceiving some consumer dissatisfaction in the market, manufacturer Sustainable Solutions International has single-handedly taken it upon themselves to re-invigorate faucet design: “Imagination and individuality is many times overlooked by bathroom fixture manufacturers… and when it comes to the affordably-priced bathroom faucet, a common complaint amongst shoppers is that everything looks the same. With respect to the new Fluid line—and especially the charming Penguin model—nothing could be further from the truth.

Penguin. Manufactured by Fluid Faucets.

Sustainable Solutions International Proposes Penguin as the Antidote to Uninspired Faucets

The Fluid line encompasses eight different styles, each evoking a specific element in nature, art, and architecture. One look at Penguin and there’s no mistaking the referent for this particular model. Whether the product in question is the single lever lavatory tap, the single lever tap with 6” extension, the dual handle tap, or the single lever wall mount tap, the avian personage that is its antecedent is very much in attendance.

Each faucet in the Penguin line possesses the unmistakable aspect and taut purposeful posture of these intrepid inhabitants of Antarctica. Says Sustainable Solutions, “taking their design cues directly from nature, the single lever faucet has a streamlined silhouette, upright form, and horizontal spout.”

Penguin. Manufactured by Fluid Faucets.

Indeed, Sustainable Solutions’ Penguin faucets more than satisfy the mandate of a stylistically intriguing and superlatively functional faucet. As is the case with the lovely real-life creature it’s based on, the Penguin faucet has a singular aesthetic appeal—it just may charm the pants off you.

About the Manufacturer: Sustainable Solutions International is the parent company of Fluid Faucets, a manufacturer of faucets and fixtures known for their products’ tactful balance between aesthetic innovation, high performance, and sustainable design and manufacture. Fluid’s faucets are made of ultra-durable heavy brass; they can be fitted with a specialized aerator to regulate water flow and enhance conservation; and their single-level operation provides pinpoint control of temperature and flow.    

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