Pull, Turn, and Teach: i3 Board by Vanerum Stelter

Vanerum Stelter’s notion of  “technology integration in the 21st. century learning environment,” translates as a “smart board” that is actually smart—an interactive and accessible palette for learning that will appeal to teachers and students of all stripes. The i3 Board, an integral component of the company’s “adaptive teaching” philosophy, is a fully articulating interactive projection board—the millennial chalkboard, if you will.

i3 Board. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

Vanerum Stelter’s i3 Board is Interactive, Integrated, and Inspiring

The display system facilitates a process that Vanerum Stelter calls “Pull, Turn, and Teach.” This intuitve action is speedy and efficient—a veritable Godsend for teachers, as the fully articulating arm enables left or right side orientation, as well as a full 90 degrees of motion on either side.

i3 Board. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

i3 also adjusts automatically via remote control. Users need simply push a button and the board and projector move simultaneously, up to 36” off the ground, thus  “maintaining calibration and picture clarity.”

i3 Board. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

The system also features the Ultra Short-Throw DLP Projector and Interactive E-Beam Technology, allowing users to “mark up documents, manipulate live content, and draw in vibrant color… turning dull lessons into dynamic ones.”

To learn more about i3 and the entire Vanerum Stelter portfolio, call 616.451.7800 or visit vanerumstelter.com.

About the Manufacturer: An American furniture company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Vanerum Stelter produces desking, seating, shelving, and other assorted products for the education market. The company believes that ergonomic design can help students learn and educators teach. 

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