White and Softness Sensations: The New Washer and Dryer by Gorenje

Thanks to the advancing technologies that companies like Gorenje have committed to developing, our precious duds are kept nicer longer. Their latest endeavor of washing machine and dryer have the catchiest names too – White Sensation and Softness Sensation – that make their individual focus on whites and softness direct, shadowed by no coded numbering system or forgettable acronym.

White Sensation and Softness Sensation. Manufactured by Gorenje.

Innovative Technology Brings Out the Whiteness and Softness of Gorenje’s New Washer and Dryer.

In the market for cutting edge, innovation, and efficiency? Those three characteristics are just a few that begin to describe Gorenje’s brand new duo. For starters, the White Sensation washing machine and Softness Sensation dryer each utilize the advanced SensorIQ technology to optimize the washing process. Because of this effort to fight energy costs, the top washer models claim the A-20% energy class rating due to the numerous sensors located within the models to make sure the use of energy, water and time is optimized based on the selected program and load weight.

White Sensation and Softness Sensation. Manufactured by Gorenje.

“Preserving the whiteness of your delicate laundry, the UltraWHITE program is intended for care of white delicate laundry such as synthetics, silk, nylon, lace, which, due to the specific character of the fabric, cannot be washed at high temperatures,” writes Gorenje of the White Sensation technology. “The laundry will receive excellent care at a temperature of no more than 30°C, owing to adjusted tumbling rhythm and more water.”

White Sensation and Softness Sensation. Manufactured by Gorenje.

As far as the Softness Sensation dryer goes, the new generation of Gorenje dryers have a unique IonTech ion technology. This gets rid of unpleasant static charge, integrates the heat pump by allowing drying at lower, even temperatures, which, in turn, takes care of everything from your gym clothes to your delicates.

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About the Manufacturer: Gorenje is the largest Slovenian manufacturer of large home appliances (known as “white goods”). It is one of the eight largest home appliance manufacturers in Europe, producing products under the brand names of Gorenje, Mora, Atag, Pelgrim, Etna, Körting and Sidex. Since 1950, Gorenje has grown into a MNC and goes by the name of the Gorenje Group, which currently includes 83 companes (59 of which are not located in Slovenia, where it is headquartered), manufacturing a wide range of products for the home in collaboration with big names like Swarovski, Pininfarina, Karim Rashid, and Ora-Ïto, among others.

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