The New JumpSeat by Ziba Design for Sedia Systems

In all of my years studying, I’ve never encountered a chair that is as slim and interesting to look at as the JumpSeat fixed chairs by Ziba Design. Created for Sedia Systems, the thin profile of their 2012 NeoCon release is what they consider a “compact auditorium chair” that comes with or without armrests, allowing for comfort and a seriously high maximum occupancy.

JumpSeat. Designed by Ziba Design. Manufactured by Sedia Systems.

Auditorium Seating Strengthened by a Thin Edge.

“Ideal for auditoriums, theaters and public assembly areas,” writes Sedia Systems of their brand new compact auditorium chair, JumpSeat. Each of the plywood and spring steel seats are made with a cantilever design in mind – like the Falling Water house of the fixed seating world – to keep them uniformly minimal and light in appearance.

JumpSeat. Designed by Ziba Design. Manufactured by Sedia Systems.

Continuing on, Sedia Systems says their 2012 fixed seating addition can fold “to less than four inches thick when not in use… (allowing) for the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of space.” And thanks to a flex spring seat with multiple seat widths and back heights, the straight or radial set JumpSeat chairs are a versatile way to create a classroom that is actually bolted in place.

JumpSeat. Designed by Ziba Design. Manufactured by Sedia Systems.

For flat, sloped or tiered floors, Sedia Systems and Ziba Design knocked the JumpSeat out of the park with a design that comes with plentiful options – all that provide the most space and comfort to all who benefit from their configurations.

About the Manufacturer: Sedia Systems is a manufacturer of seating systems for auditoriums and other contract settings. The company is especially known for their fixed product line, which offers “multiple options that optimize room capacity including seating systems that can be installed in rows as narrow as 31.5 in., with compact on-center seat spacing as close as 20 in.” The High Point, North Carolina-based company also offers stack seating, task chairs, lounge chairs, and training tables, but you’re most likely to encounter some of Sedia’s supple systems in the rarefied environs of edification, as Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Emory, and N.C. State all make use of Sedia’s compact, functional, and safety-enhancing Auditorium Seating Systems.

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