Recycled Glass Panels: Fresh by Livinglass

Besides the definitions “recently made” and “not preserved,” the word fresh means anything that’s new, novel, different, pure, or strong. So it’s an ideal name for Fresh, the new line of non-laminated decorative glass panels created by Livinglass. Featuring natural shapes and geometric forms, the Fresh patterns get their inspiration from unusual and striking objects—everything from a single-cell amoeba to a piece of brain coral.

Fresh decorative glass. Manufactured by Livinglass.

Etched Recycled Glass Features Natural and Geometric Motifs

Available with 100 percent recycled glass, Fresh panels are created from single sheets of clear glass, which are etched with any of fifteen designs. Amoeba A, Amoeba B, Coral A, and Coral B all feature freeform organic shapes that resemble a giraffe’s spots. Other natural patterns include Topo, which reproduces the concentric lines of a topographical map, and Sakura, which pictures the unique branches of a Japanese cherry tree. There are also the recognizable silhouettes of aspen leaves (Meadow Leaf) and the undulating blades of perennial stalks (Bear Grass).

Fresh decorative glass. Manufactured by Livinglass.

Other patterns in the Fresh collection pay homage to the structured regularity of geometric forms. Punch, for example, uses perfect circles to recall hole punchers; and Bar Code presents the machine-readable parallel lines so ubiquitous in contemporary society. Hexagons, ripples, and spots round out the Fresh designs, which provide something for everyone.

Fresh decorative glass. Manufactured by Livinglass.

Like other Livinglass products, Fresh is fully customizable. Available in single or double sided sheets, the Fresh panels are impact resistant, Class A Class I fire rated, and UV, water, and chemical resistant.  Furthermore, the product is antimicrobial and resists scratching, fading, and discoloration. Fresh patterns are ideal for spas, hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces: Sakura is a perfect complement to Zen style; Ripple works well in aquatic locations; and Topo is made for mountain retreats.

About the Manufacturer: Livinglass produces decorative transparent and translucent laminated glass panels with natural materials between sheets of luminous glass. With ecologically responsible features, Livinglass products can earn LEED points. Recycled and renewable, Livinglass is also impact resistant, structurally stable and resistant to UV damage, chemicals, and water.

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