M/Flex Multiple Monitor System by Humanscale

Many occupations require us to adapt as we work, growing or decreasing to fit the needs of whatever “machine” it is that must function as a unit. For those in the healthcare field, teamwork between nurses and doctors, for instance, is one of the key components to a dynamic working environment. Another in the healthcare field comes in the form of technology. To assist entire facilities with their changing computer needs, the best idea is to lean on the M/Flex monitor support system by Humanscale.

M/Flex. Manufactured by Humanscale.

In Any Configuration, the M/Flex Monitor Support System by Humanscale Rises to the Occasion

Using two different monitor arms that Humanscale has created – the M2 and M8 – the M/Flex easily incorporates up to six monitors into their design from a single post. Deemed “the world’s most scalable monitor support system”, the M/Flex allows a healthcare facility to see multiple screens at once, set up exactly as you need, in any configuration. Since uniform aesthetics are also important, pick between three finishes – polished aluminum with white trim, silver with gray trim, or black with black trim – to complete the M/Flex look.

M/Flex. Manufactured by Humanscale.

“The M/Flex monitor system enables swift and simple reconfigurations without disrupting existing equipment or adding new components,” notes Humanscale. “Providing unprecedented flexibility, M/Flex supports up to six monitors from a single post, in any configuration, or up to twelve monitors from two posts connected via crossbars.” That said, go for one or two rows, five post heights, and up to three monitors per row on one post to take advantage of the integrated brack design and 15-year warranty that makes the nesting M/Flex monitor arms easily manipulated for the perfect set-up.

M/Flex. Manufactured by Humanscale.

In the field of technology – and in particular with regard to the monitor arms – the M/Flex’s surface, vertical or customized wall-mounting options hand it to Humanscale for creating a monitor support system that accommodates our needs on the fly.

About the Manufacturer: Humanscale takes both high performance ergonomic design and forward-thinking innovation into account when designing office solutions. They design furnishings and accessories with the goal of making humans more comfortable in their environments, more alert during work and more productive. First known for their adaptation of an articulating keyboard system in the late 1990s, the company has continued to develop and grow in contract furnishings market with products including the Freedom Chair and subsequent ergonomic design breakthroughs.

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