LEAF Lamps by Peter Schumacher for Green Furniture Sweden

Very close to how nature itself designs, and yet based on simple principles, this lamp has a harmonic and natural shape,” begins the description of the Scandinavian manufacturer whose name – Green Furniture Sweden – sounds like that of an eccentric greenhouse in Stockholm. Before it jumps into the details of their LEAF floor and pendant lamps, the company tells of its inspiration. 

LEAF floor lamp. Designed by Peter Schumacher. Manufactured by Green Furniture Sweden.

Bursting into Expansive Foliage, the LEAF Lamp Comes in Floor or Pendant Versions

The tree trunk and branches are made of Swedish Birch, and the ends of the branches are wedged and join without glue,” GHS continues. “The foliage consists of thin unbleached wool felt leaves – this lamp is a 100% natural mix and ships as a flat package.”


Both the LEAF floor lamp and hanging lamp measure 130 cm, or 51″ in diameter. The LEAF floor lamp also has a height of 190 cm, or 75″, however, and stands tall and wide, demanding its stately existence in any room through the soft expression of its sound-absorbing foliage surrounding the bulb. Leaf Lamp Floor Lamp is also available with a 31.5″ diameter and a height of 180 cm, or 70.9″.

via Archiproducts.

About the Manufacturer: Green Furniture Sweden was created by Johan Berhin, a Swedish designer, back in 2005. While the greening movement was jolting into high gear, the Green Furniture Sweden came about to represent Berhin Studios and offer out contests for designs that utilize green-friendly manufacturing and sustainable outcomes for the home. As they say “to be green is to use the wonderful materials handed to us by nature, and using them with finesse – sparingly, sustainably, beautifully… Green Furniture Sweden thinks green, from the concept stage to recycling and regrowth.”

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