Get Bent with Ceramica Flaminia’s Funky and Fabulous Fold Faucet

What if I told you that the latest stylistic innovation in A&D approximated the look of a crushed coke can? Or perhaps that of a metal length of pipe bent beyond recognition by some old time strong man? Would you perhaps find yourself a bit dubious? If so, don’t tell it to fittings manufacturer Ceramica Flaminia, because that company’s latest innovation in faucets—otherwise known as Fold—is highly invested in this buckled aesthetic.

Fold faucet. Designed by Lorenzo Damiani. Manufactured by Ceramica Flaminia.

The Bold Folds of Ceramica Flaminia’s Fold Faucet

Fold provokes in me a flood of synonyms for this unusual, alluring, and daring look. For looking at Fold, I not only think of bent, but also crinkled, crushed, cambered, clinked, twisted, wavered, and zig-zagged—anything but straight, the typical descriptor for the vertical shafts of most mixers.

Fold faucet. Designed by Lorenzo Damiani. Manufactured by Ceramica Flaminia.

But then, Fold is not your conventional mixer. In fact, in conceiving of Fold, Ceramica Flaminia and designer Lorenzo Damiani approached this faucet from a somewhat inverted point of view. Much in the vein of  “distressed” jeans or “shabby chic” fashion, Fold takes the notion of a damaged or destroyed pipe and embraces it as a defining feature.

Fold faucet. Designed by Lorenzo Damiani. Manufactured by Ceramica Flaminia.

And faster than your friends can say, “dude, what happened to your faucet?,” you can simply open the tap and unleash the pleasant, cool, and—yes—unbroken stream of water. The juxtaposition of the bent tap and perfectly cylindrical column of water is sure to be the aesthetic icing on the cake for this creative and clever mixer that may re-define our expectations for designer faucets.

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About the Manufacturer: Ceramica Flaminia has six factories across the length of one country in the vicinities of three provinces—three in Viterbo, two in Civita Castellana, and one in Rome. These six locales dedicated to the manufacture of bathroom fittings of Vitreous China and Fine Fire Clay collectively comprise an approximate dimension of 80,000 square meters, which alone should give you some sense of the company’s breadth. Ceramica Flaminia is a major player in international bathroom design. Their roster of collaborative designers includes Massimiliano Abati, Fabio Novembre, and Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. Their aesthetic ranges from severe modernism to contemporary tom-foolery and everything in between, always with a focus on innovation, imagination, visual appeal, and quality control: “only the most intricate articles undergo a special manual process in order to guarantee the best quality possible.”

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