For the Modern Kitchen: D3 Series by Viking

If you’ve ever wondered if your opinion matters to large, successful manufacturers, the D3 Series has been created to prove that it does. At least to some. In this case, Viking “listened to customers, designers and home chefs” in order to create the powerful new collection of kitchen appliances to answer our prayers in terms of finish, power and features all wrapped into one mighty dream team.

D3 Series. Manufactured by Viking.

Classy, Customized Appliances with Colorful Features

Like Viking’s D3 Series suggests in its opening tagline, the collection “Suits your cooking style. Fits your kitchen style.” to bring out the best in what we need and want in our kitchen space. “So in addition to all the power and features you’d expect from Viking, the D3 Series offers new options in style.”

D3 Series. Manufactured by Viking.

With the smattering of personalized options that come with the D3 Series, some of the coolest are in the finish. Match the D3 appliances to pre-existing appliances and cabinetry with wood inserts or matching color themes. Just as Viking claims, “the new Viking D3 Series offers a fresh perspective on premium performance – yours. Finally, there’s a choice for true performance and it’s completely up to you.”

D3 Series. Manufactured by Viking.

All of the D3 appliances come in gas self-clean, dual fuel, or electric models that have stainless steel knobs and handles with polished chrome inserts. These may be replaced to coordinate into the original space surrounding it as we seek to cook, bake, microwave, warm, store, ventilate, wash or keep food chilled in style.

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About the Manufacturer: Founded by Fred Carl, Jr., a fourth generation building contractor, Viking Range Corporation was created as a “speculative venture”, according the history of Viking. It was “aimed at developing the first commercial-type range specifically designed, engineered and certified for home use.” Years later, it is still one of the most successful manufacturers of kitchen appliances on the market.

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