Entry and Bedside Consoles by Oliver and Jean Pelle of Pelle Designs

It’s been many a year since I’ve remembered my early adoration for unicorns. While it was clearly derived from my love of horses, I’ll admit that upon looking back, the spire protruding from their foreheads symbolized a mystical strength and individuality that separated them from other creatures – real or make-believe. Take one glance at the long spire shooting out from the bottom of the Entry and Bedside consoles by Oliver Pelle and Jean Pelle of Pelle Designs and tell me I’m not crazy for being struck by its similarity to the fantastical idea of a beautiful unicorn.

Entry console. Designed by Pelle Designs.

The One-Leg Entry and Bedside Tables Combine Storage and an All-Natural, Playful Style

“The Entry and Bedside consoles serve as essential storage units for everyday living,” begin the product descriptions for the two versions of one-legged tables. “The Entry console is a combination of multi-sized drawers and compartments for the storage of small everyday items such as keys, mail, coins, remotes, tools, chargers and phones.”

Entry console. Designed by Pelle Designs.

Featuring seven different knobs that pull out the six drawers and one covered box that rests atop the natural wood console, there is no limit to the small “must-have” parts of our lives that can be kept safely inside.

Entry console. Designed by Pelle Designs.

Bedside console with leg. Designed by Pelle Designs.

Toned down into a smaller size with less cabinets and shelving, the quaint style of Pelle Designs’ matching Bedside console works well next to the bed like a nightstand. Combining a small bookshelf and drawer, it can fit in sleeping quarters where square footage is limited, or where a funky, asymmetrical style is desired. The singular leg addition is optional in the Bedside console and can be detached for use next to a low platform bed instead, using the wall-mounting hardware.

Entry console. Designed by Pelle Designs.

Each of the unicorn-esque Pelle consoles are available in solid maple wood and finished in hand-rubbed oil-wax. Constructed in New York, they measure anywhere from 14″W x 7″D x variable heights to 25″W x 8″D x 37″H – and can be right or left justified to fit your space.

via MocoLoco.

About the Designer: Pelle Designs is a team made up of the Korean-American designer, Jean Pelle, and her German designer (and husband), Oliver Pelle. Although they met while studying at the Yale School of Architecture, their design studio goes far beyond architectural design by diving into lighting, furniture, interiors and architecture. Based in Red Hook Brooklyn, they say that their inspiration “comes from observing and re-imagining the possibilities of objects and spaces” around them.

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