Whisk Away the Dark with Findelkind’s Chef de Cuisine Pendant Lamps

Forthwith, my list of the most useful kitchen implements, for general consumership and approval: #1: chef’s knife (of course); #2: flexible spatula (what else flips omelettes and extracts cake batter from bowls with equal aplomb); #3? Why the always versatile whisk, if for nothing else than the absolute truth that decent scrambled eggs are virtually impossible without it. The evidence is in that manufacturer Findelkind concurs—their Chef de Cuisine hanging lamps are made from re-purposed kitchen whisks.

Chef de Cuisine pendant lamps. Manufactured by Findelkind.

Findelkind’s Chef de Cuisine Pendant Lamps Bring the Kitchen to Every Room

We all know that the kitchen is the soul of the house, so why not spread the wealth, as it were, into every space? That’s exactly what the Chef de Cuisine Lamps intend. And achieving the transformation couldn’t be easier: simply excise the defunct handle from said implement, insert a bulb, wire it up, invert, and voila!

Chef de Cuisine Pendant Lamp. Designed and Manufactured by Findelkind.

In fact, converting a retired kitchen whisk into an attractive and functional pendant lamp is so simple and intuitive that one wonders why it took the likes of Findelkind to come along and do it. But as with every great idea, hindsight is 50/50, and Findelkind thought of it first.

Chef de Cuisine Pendant Lamp. Designed and Manufactured by Findelkind.

Besides, the company offers so many incarnations of this basic premise that they’ve earned a virtual copyright: there are long lamps and short, broad and thin, there’s even one with a flared shade suggestive of a classic maritime-style lantern. Best of all, these clever re-purposed lamps don’t just give budding chefs a functional boon, they reinforce an affectionate nostalgia: “Now, the everyday work of the chef sheds light from on high—watching over pots, illuminating the dinner table with just the right light, achieving a new and unusual perspective on what’s happening down below.”

Via Inhabitat.

About the Manufacturer: The studio of manufacturer Findelkind is to be found within a wallpaper factory in Leipzig, which should tell you something about the avant garde artistic inclination and casually experimental attitude of this contemporary atelier. Findelkind is especially interested in the design potential of lost, found, re-purposed, and otherwise re-invented materials: their Chef de Cuisine Pendant Lamps are made of the business ends of re-claimed kitchen whisks.

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