The Stylish Stockholm Kitchen by Piet Boon for Warendorf

How does one know that the Stockholm kitchen by designer Piet Boon for manufacturer Warendorf is so very, very Scandinavian? Well, if “Stockholm,” “Piet Boon, “ and “Warendorf” haven’t given it away already, there’s also the profusion of the word and the structure known as “Plinth,” which may not technically be of Scandinavian origin yet possesses the clipped, clean quality that characterizes some of the best Modern A&D to emerge from Sweden, Denmark, et. al.

Stockholm kitchen. Designed by Piet Boon. Manufactured by Warendorf.

The Clean Lines and Modular Flexibility of Warendorf’s Stockholm Kitchen

For a quick refresher on “Plinth,” according to various dictionaries of construction and design, it’s “the base or platform upon which a column, pedestal, statue, monument or structure rests.” Though it may yet be too soon to characterize the various elements of the Stockholm as “statues” or “monuments,” that day may not be too far off, such is the functional appeal of their uniformly slim and seamless silhouettes.

Stockholm Kitchen. Designed by Piet Boon. Manufactured by Warendorf.

In fact, the plinths of the Stockholm kitchen hold the key to its vaunted flexibility—“Every element seems to have been inserted into a separate frame that juts out over a recessed plinth. An innovative solution that brings lightness to the kitchen layout.” Not only that, but the approach also makes it simple to switch out and change up elements, so users may re-arrange their kitchen just as they do their living room.

Stockholm Kitchen. Designed by Piet Boon. Manufactured by Warendorf.

Stockholm’s multiple components make such switch outs a paragon of Scandinavian simplicity: tall cabinets, short cabinets, appliances, worktops, cooktops, and fridge/freezers can all be slid off of and back onto their respective plinths: “like playing with building blocks, the limitless permutations deconstruct the rigid architecture to create a spirited kitchen design.”

About the Manufacturer:  Since 1973, manufacturer Warendorf has built a stellar reputation for creating “kitchens for personalities.” That should perhaps be addended to “kitchens with personalities” too. From a homebase of Warendorf in North-Rhine, Westphalia, this creator of engaging, innovative, and ever-evolving kitchens has had their pulse on the fluctuating zeitgest that defines hearth and home: “A kitchen that not only promises quality, value preservation, and durability, but which, above all, is a perfect match for you.”

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