Parameria’s Organic Collection of Siam Armchairs and Ottomans

You bring your cloth bag to the grocery store, you invest in organic produce when possible, and you don’t leave the air conditioning on all summer long. Living a healthy life responsibly isn’t just about the daily actions, it’s also about making big decisions that affect your environment. In terms of furniture, the non-toxic use of natural, organic materials has picked up momentum, but I’d still never seen or heard of the Southeast Asian vine of Khreau Suut used to create the Siam armchairs and ottomans.

Siam Lek armchair and ottoman. Manufactured by Parameria.

Craftsman Furniture Made from Khreau Suut Vines in Southeast Asia

Thanks to Parameria‘s dedication to the sustainable construction of Siam Yai, Siam  furniture using the hearty Khreau Suut vine, their furniture collection gives us a reason to invest in their handcrafted chairs and ottomans for our decks and patios. 

Siam Lek armchair and ottoman. Manufactured by Parameria.

Siam Lek armchair. Manufactured by Parameria.

Their line of beautiful and simple, solid furnishings are woven in 4-5 days using local products in Southeast Asia. As Parameria states, the plant used to create the seating structures “grows in certain parts of S.E. Asia and produces beautiful flowers with a pungent aroma” that also has various medicinal properties – like healing wounds, curing tuberculosis, and for use after childbirth. They began using the vines when they realized the speed at which they grow back (that is much faster and thus more sustainable than cutting and replanting trees).

Siam Lek armchair and ottoman. Manufactured by Parameria.

Siam barrel chair. Manufactured by Parameria.

“The process of making the products is quite lengthy, taking two people about four days to complete,” Parameria tells us. “Starting with an age old soaking/drying process which helps to give further strength and durability after which the skilled, painstaking hand weaving begins.” That said, they employ local craftsmen who have years of expertise working with the vines.

via Inhabitat.

About the Manufacturer: Parameria is a company dedicated to creating high quality, sustainable furnishings out of the Khreau Suut vine that is found locally across Southeast Asia. In a wide variety of armchairs, ottomans, and table designs, the furniture collections that hail out of the all natural, organic vine materials are created by skilled craftsman.

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