Out of the Box: Disc 16 Scraplights by Graypants

Of the ongoing battles in my home, the one against cardboard is great. It seems like every week there is a mountain of cardboard, in the form of boxes or broken down on the floor. Much of this quotidian flotsam comes from book orders, which is particularly problematic since books come packaged in boxes that might easily accommodate vacuum cleaners or baby elephants. So when I come across inventive products that make ingenious use of cardboard, I appreciate it more than most. Disc 16 Scraplight by Graypants is one such brilliant product.

Disc 16 Scraplight. Manufactured by Graypants.

Repurposed Cardboard Lamps

Disc 16 Scraplight. Manufactured by Graypants.

Crafted from 100% repurposed cardboard boxes, Disc 16 Scraplights are all handmade and consequently vary in size and shape, thanks to the individual mark of the maker. Nevertheless, Disc 16 Scraplights measure approximately 16.5” in diameter and 7.5” in height. These striated lamps have a pattern similar to tiger or zebrawood. And their texture is also pretty wild: like a monsoon’s cloud formations or sand dunes after a dust storm.

Disc 16 Scraplight. Manufactured by Graypants.

Disc 16 Scraplights are available hardwired or with a plug/switch swag set, either with a 8″ or 15” cord in black or white. Hardwired sets include a 5” diameter ceiling canopy kit in the matching color, and plug-switch sets have a switch integrated into the cord about mid-length. If you like the clever concept of this cardboard creation, you might also enjoy Scraplights in other shapes: Graypants makes bell and cone shades, as well as some planetary-inspired forms like moon and sun—a very bright idea indeed.

About the Manufacturer: Graypants is the creation of designers Jon Junker and Seth Grizzle, a pair of budding artisans and future entrepreneurs who first crossed paths in the wintry wasteland of Kent State U, where they “honed abilities to endure long winters and earned degrees in architecture + design.” Now with a decade of mutual inspiration and close collaboration behind them, they operate out of the rainy wasteland of Seattle, where they “strive to come up with designs and ideas that are thoughtful and have an impact, whether it be furniture, lighting, architecture or graphics.”

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