Long Live the LED: CSYS Task Lamp by Jake Dyson

At the NeoCon booth of the science-focused designer Jake Dyson, his team of three stand poised to describe their brand new product. In five different glossy finishes, the product’s function is evident: this is a task lamp. But unlike an ordinary LED task lamp, Dyson’s dimmable CSYS task lamp design lasts upwards of 160,000 hours and uses a brand new technology that is unheard of in the world of lighting.

CSYS task lamp. Designed by Jake Dyson.

With a Sophisticated Inner Cooling System, the CSYS LED Task Lamp gets 37+ Hours of Brilliance

Dyson agreed with the Designer Pages crew (many of us former architecture students) when we noted its obvious appeal to architects and engineers. The polished yet industrial appearance is lovely, but as we learned more about what goes on inside of its fully adjustable, moving parts, the CSYS became a more complex and experimental sampling of Dyson’s expertise after years of research. “I don’t want people to hate LEDs or lose faith in LED technology if their bulbs have gone green-y or pink-y,” said the designer lovingly about finding the solution to the overheating that ruins a bulb and thus frustrates the user who is trying to be energy-efficient.

CSYS task lamp. Designed by Jake Dyson.

Fusing part of what makes Apple computers surpass a normal computer’s life expectancy, Dyson sought after and has employed the Taiwanese company of CCI to create long tubes that act as heat vacuums in order to keep the LED cool. By doing so, the entire arm gets lukewarm at most, and the six years Dyson spent developing motion mechanics that brought him to this end result gets funneled into a superlative as an efficient LED task lamp that truly performs.

CSYS task lamp. Designed by Jake Dyson.

“It is designed with innovative positioning, refined thermal management and electronics systems producing a bright warm white colour with astonishing efficiency. The thermal management heat pipe technology cools the LED’s to ensure peak performance from the LED’s for 37+ years,” Dyson’s website describes of the design that put his research and development into a well-oiled, mechanical light form. Thanks to his dedication, an LED bulb’s warmth and longevity has been renewed with systematic beauty through the elegant arm and stable body of the CSYS task lamp.

About the Designer: After studying industrial design at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, Jake Dyson started his quest in the cut-throat world of creatives with a passion for the experimental. His initiation in the field included retail, cafe and club interiors but was soon transferred into the workshop and mill that he purchased (in Clerkenwell) where the true research and development flourished with his ability to work hands-on. From there, Dyson and his team grew, creating pieces like the jaw-dropping functionality of the CSYS LED task lamp after six years of research and development.

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