Flock Together with HON’s New Collaborative Furniture Suite

How cleverly-named is contract manufacturer HON’s latest contribution to the collaborative workplace? So clever that it perfectly captures the very human inclination to gather, to congregate, to join together in those spatial hubs that make it ever-so-easy to converse, communicate, and generally cohere in order to facilitate productive interaction. Indeed, Flock, a suite of “furnishings for those workplace spaces—welcoming centers, nooks and other community areas—where people migrate for collaboration,” supports open plans and encourages workers to break down the walls of private offices, to gather and converge and get things done.

Flock Modular Office. Manufactured by The HON Company.

Flock Features Scalable, Modular Elements That Facilitate Connection

The aforesaid connection is doubly meaningful. For not only do Flock’s multiple, configurable elements allow people to come together, they allow furnishings to come together as well. The collection is comprised of tables, seating, ottomans, and lighting, each of which are easy to manipulate: “for instance, end chairs—with left or right arm options—can be used on their own, in tandem with their opposites to create a loveseat, or with an armless lounge chair to form a sofa.”

Flock Modular Office. Manufactured by Hon.

Flock’s tables are versatile and attractive. An apt accompaniment to the aesthetic of the chairs, the tables are lean and lithe, with a distinctive geometrical profile. Low tables and long coffee tables offer thin tops as circles or ovals, creating a pleasing contrast with the high backs and overt linearity of the chairs.

Flock Modular Office. Manufactured by Hon.

And the thoughtfully integrated floor lamp illuminates the proceedings with panache. Casting a pleasant ambient glow—eons away from the harsh fluorescent lighting of yesteryear’s office—Flock’s floor lamp is warm and welcoming. And its intuitive foot switch enhances user friendliness and functionality.

Flock Modular Office. Manufactured by Hon.

In short, Flock is an auspicious office suite that’s just right for our current cultural moment. The collection is user-friendly, flexible, and fun, facilitating the multiple permutations that arise from the contemporary inclination to get up and move, to work spontaneously and collaborate at a moment’s notice: “If one prefers to perch and type, if a duo wants to corral two ottomans and sit to review a report, or if a team needs furniture for a roundtable discussion—Flock provides a solution, no matter where and how people want to work.”

About the Manufacturer: Contract furniture manufacturer The HON Company specializes in offices and school settings. From chairs, to desks, to storage systems; workstations, to presentation equipment, to folding and connecting tables, Hon’s products feature superior performance and first-rate functionality. The company’s most recent offerings include the convenient stacking chairs and seamless power management systems of the Motivate line, and the quick configurability and intuitive modularity of their latest office suite, Flock.

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