Austrian Alps Style: Larsen Collection by Waterworks

Over Memorial Day weekend I was high up in the Austrian Alps at a beautiful lodge that lends itself to hiking the nearby peaks near Zell am See. While we anticipated a rustic style, the family who has owned the Taxhof cabins and main house for 400 years had an eye for combining high quality modern pieces with natural wood, making for the most comfortable mountain dwelling imaginable. Recently, the bathroom manufacturer, Waterworks, introduced their new Larsen Collection – among numerous other new collections – that incorporates the same, natural-turned-modern idea into their bathroom basin and console design.

Larsen wood single console. Manufactured by Waterworks.

Simplicity of Rustic Modern in the Larsen Bathroom Collection

Just like my favorite bathroom at Taxhof, which was located off of the main lodge dining hall (and yes, I realize it sounds peculiar having a favorite bathroom), the chunky white Larsen sink is cut with clean lines and placed atop a rather outdoorsy base.

Larsen wood single console - 23-3/4

In two different sizes, the Larsen wood four-leg single console has either a normal 23-3/4″ width or a wider set 39-5/8″ width. Each of the two versions measure 18-1/2″ deep and have a height of 28-1/2″. The Larsen rectangular deck-mounted porcelain lavatory basins themselves are “meant for high durability of material as well as finish” and can come in three hole or one hole faucet configurations. In two different sizes, they measure 23-3/4″ x 18-1/2″ x 6″ and 40″ x 18-1/2″ x 6″ to match their walnut stand below.

Larsen wood single console - 23-3/4

Larsen rectangular deck-mounted porcelain lavatory. Manufactured by Waterworks.

Similar to the way I’d describe the Taxhof style in Austria, the Waterworks’ Larsen Collection is described as a “comfortable, casual and coastal” collection that consists of a that “creates a feeling of warmth and welcome” together with their “focal point of solid practicality and clean, open lines”.

About the Manufacturer: Established back in 1978, the Waterworks tradition of excellence lives on and continues to progress through new, modern designs combined with rustic, tried-and-true style. As a European-inspired bath and shower product manufacturer based in fourteen cities across the United States, they are admired for both their material use, exquisite details, high quality products, and the craftsmanship of master cabinet makers.

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