At NeoCon 2012: New Haven III Wallcoverings by Wolf-Gordon

While at NeoCon last week, my Designer Pages co-worker and I visited the showroom of Wolf-Gordon to hear what their new head of design had to say about their latest Haven III wallcoverings. In our half hour or so spent with Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Design & Marketing – who recently came back to Wolf-Gordon after creating her own design agency – we came across the Alpine Inlay, Hayashi Panel and my personal favorite, the Herringbone Etch. Additionally, we were able to see the stunning Wolf-Gordon canopy of 1,380-lb, 30-ft tall art (that includes the above wallcoverings) which was was constructed using mirrors, wallcoverings and textiles by The Guild – a Brooklyn, NY design+build collective – and suspended over an escalator entrance leading us into the Merchandise Mart of Chicago.

Herringbone Etch, Hayashi Panel and Alpine Inlay wallcoverings. Manufactured by Wolf-Gordon.

New Wallcoverings for the Wolf-Gordon Haven III Catalog Feature Faux Wood Textures

“These type II wallcoverings are designed and colored to offer updated woodgrain looks in medium and large-scale prints,” describes the Wolf-Gordon press release describing the three additions to their Haven III catalog of wallpaper patterns that play with the idea of texture. “The current design trend towards unnatural depictions of natural motifs played a large part in the development of these patterns, particularly with Herringbone Etch (see above in deep burgundy), which features bold, ‘unnatural’ stunning colorways.”

Herringbone Etch, Hayashi Panel and Alpine Inlay wallcoverings. Manufactured by Wolf-Gordon.

NeoCon’s Wolf-Gordon sculpture. Designed by Marybeth Shaw.

Wolf-Gordon introduces the three new wallcoverings to creatively reinterpret the application of a wood grain on the wall. All of the Haven III additions are type II, low VOC emitting wallcoverings, that are rated Class A for fire safety.

Herringbone Etch, Hayashi Panel and Alpine Inlay wallcoverings. Manufactured by Wolf-Gordon.

Alpine Inlay is their new addition into their already contemporary and popular Alpine collection. The color palette was revamped with 54″ wide colorways that coordinate with the two standard Alpine colorways already offered. In the Hayashi Panel, a gingko leaf pattern on top of a birch background shines through in neutral tones to create the perfect foundation for university and commercial settings, as well as healthcare facilities. Lastly, the Herringbone Etch is strong in wood grain texture and vibrantly unnatural in color. The colorway options include: persimmon, bright pink, aqua blue, purple and black & white.

Throughout the show, numerous herringbone surfaces were seen on flooring and walls which leads us to believe the trend for old-fashioned textile fashion in new places is a clearly defined sign of the times.

About the Manufacturer: Wolf-Gordon Inc. is an American design company that was founded in 1967. Bringing together all types of wallcoverings, upholstery, drapery, paint, and Wink clear, dry-erase coating to equip the contract industry with a dependable performance. Across a space’s surfaces, Wolf-Gordon focuses on research and development, as well as innovative styles and trending color combinations to bring out an interior’s best.

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