An Asymmetrical Cut Above: 2Tone Sink by Stone Forest

In fashion, an angular slice in fabric is called a “bias-cut”. It refers to the diagonal cut of a fabric that is purposeful, used to accentuate curves, drape beautifully down and over them while utilizing a greater stretch in the fabric. While an asymmetrical design using an angle would not be considered a bias-cut in stone manufacturing, the dark stone sink designs by Stone Forest – the 2Tone sink in particular – make quite the fashion statement.

2Tone sink. Manufactured by Stone Forest.

Dark, Stunning, Rectangular Sinks Shine with a Sharp Angle

The 2Tone sink by Stone Forest is named for its two tones of finishes that are used to create the dark, black granite coloring. Along with the diagonal cut of the basin itself, the blackened appearance of the bathroom fitting creates a stunning image for all who partake in a wash of the wry, geometric kind – not to mention its extra storage space for setting a bar of soap.

2Tone sink. Manufactured by Stone Forest.

Bento Vessel sink. Manufactured by Stone Forest.

Its wall-mounted sink look is sharply in contrast to many of the other sinks offered by Stone Forest. But low and behold, there are similar stone sinks made by Stone Forest that use the dark tone, shallow basin and rectangular form in their favor. Take for instance the Bento Vessel sink and Opus sink, which use a honed black granite with and are similarly striking with stainless steel faucets.

2Tone sink. Manufactured by Stone Forest.

Opus sink. Manufactured by Stone Forest.

To keep your bathroom filled with sturdy, treasured fittings – even if they don’t drape along the bias – begin your washroom design with a bit of darkened stone that adds a glossy, deep element of beauty to the bathroom.

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About the Manufacturer: Stone Forest is a bathroom and kitchen manufacturer of sink basins that creates contemporary designs for the residential market. Created using stone, bronze, bamboo, copper, iron and hardwoods, the basin designs are range from the sculptural to the modern or the minimalist. Collaborating with the design community, they create custom designs as well, making it easy to see why they’re able to push design boundaries with an innovative, out-of-the-box approach.

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