The Slim Copernicus Fixed Seating by Sitmatic

There’s a fine line between having too little seats in an airplane and too little legroom. I, for one, am very fond of less seats and more legroom, but I think we can all understand the balance when it comes in the form of less expensive plane tickets (in a perfect world). When considering the fixed seating arrangements that fit into large-scale educational settings, the same restrictions apply.

Copernicus fixed seating. Manufactured by Sitmatic.

Give Yourself More Room with the Copernicus Fixed Contract Seating for Auditoriums

Thanks to Copernicus, an award-winning fixed seating design by Sitmatic, the innovative chair system allows for up to 40% more occupancy over traditional auditorium seating. The tables and chairs that fit together for the ultimate educational experience have the same beam structure. When flipped up, the profile is no more than 12.75″ deep, keeping the aisles spacious and open for easy maneuverability.

Copernicus fixed seating. Manufactured by Sitmatic.

Students can definitely appreciate the large table surfaces for laptop working and writing which are thermal-foiled for strength, accompanying the steel chair and table frames which are coated in silver.

Copernicus fixed seating. Manufactured by Sitmatic.

Sitmatic’s fixed Copernicus variety can be anchored to the concrete floor using drop-in, expansion shield anchors while the Copernicus freestanding units are also available for more flexibility in the layout of a lecture hall.Copernicus fixed seating. Manufactured by Sitmatic.

About the Manufacturer: Back in 1985, Sitmatic started out as Sitmatic SRL, an Italian-based furniture manufacturer that did mainly drafting stools. Later, they expanded to include contract seating of all kinds – from commercial and office to education – and are now a strong competitor in the worldwide market.  Their seating collection now includes auditorium seating, factory seating, lobby furnishings, board room chairs and cafeteria chairs.

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