The Glassy Glow of Nendo’s Press Lamps for Lasvit

I’m never shocked to see that Nendo is the design company behind gorgeous imagery of minimalist furniture and lighting designs. In fact, the Japanese design studio is so popular with manufacturers of all genres that I expect a weekly Nendo piece tapping into the interior scene as if it is were that easy to imagine, design and manufacture iconic pieces in seven days time. Speaking of which, their latest venture into the illuminated world of hanging pendant and floor lighting comes in the form of the Press lamps made for Lasvit.

Press lamps. Designed by Nendo. Manufactured by Lasvit.

Pinched Glass and a Simple Bulb Create the Pendant and Floor Version of the Press Lamp by Nendo for Lasvit

“The glass tubes in this pendant and floor lamp are pressed as though they have been pinched, and the light source wedged into the narrowed space those results,” says Nendo of the Press lamp that is new for Lasvit’s 2012 collection. Instead of using a variation of materials Nendo created the lighting with a purposeful lack of metal. The soft and elegant nature of the solid chutes of clear glass that encapsulate the bulb within are gentle and delicate.
Press lamps. Designed by Nendo. Manufactured by Lasvit.

Showing off a similar form of rounded edges, the bathroom collection that Nendo created for Bisazza Bagno – which is known directly as the Nendo Collection – was recently showcased here on 3Rings. On another hand, the clear lack of color and skilled, glossy finish of the Othello cabinets that Nendo created for Boffi match the Press lamps in their pure finish of glass without added coloring. But the most similar and complimentary design piece that Nendo consistently shares with their audience is a lighting fixture they made for Foscarini that goes by the name of Maki. Coming in a flared out but sharp design, the Maki uses the twist of its outer shade in the same way that their Press lamp pinches the glass for a unique glowing effect.

Press lamps. Designed by Nendo. Manufactured by Lasvit.

via Contemporist.

About the Designer: Nendo is a Japanese design firm headed by the Toronto-born architect Oki Sato. Nendo seeks to give people “a small ‘!’ moment,” because those moments “are what make our days so interesting, so rich.” From window displays and store designs to vases and tea cups, the products designed by Nendo are clever and arresting.

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