Smog Be Gone! Reynobond® with EcoClean™ Aluminum Cladding by Alcoa

Back in 2010, Alcoa received the Metal Construction Association’s President’s Award for outstanding building projects using their Reynobond® materials on the facades, canopies, skylights and other areas throughout the campus of the Los Angeles Area High School #9. Now, a few years later, their Reynobond is enhanced with EcoClean™, a patent-pending process that comes in the form of a pre-painted aluminum surface.

Reynobond® with EcoClean™ panels. Manufactured by Alcoa.

Alcoa’s Reynobond® with EcoClean™ Panels are Hydrophilic, Washing Off Organic Matter When it Rains

According to Alcoa regarding their new EcoClean™ technology, “the result is the world’s first coil-coated aluminum architectural panel that helps clean itself and the air around it.” In other words, let the smog be gone when it comes in contact with the titanium dioxide compound which is commonly used in quick-setting concrete, tile grout and suntan lotions.

Reynobond® with EcoClean™ panels. Manufactured by Alcoa.

EcoClean™ hydrophilic technology. Manufactured by Alcoa.

Furthering our understanding of its scientific properties, Alcoa explains that “when exposed to sunlight, titanium dioxide acts as a catalyst to break down organic matter, while also creating a superhydrophilic (water-loving) surface.” Thus the organic matter that breaks down when the sun shines on the Reynobond® with EcoClean™ surface gets washed away when it rains. To ensure it really washes away, Alcoa’s engineers have made the panesl completely waterproof, allowing everything to flow off of the facade. Over time, this means lower maintenance costs and a clean, gorgeous building over a long period of time.

Reynobond® with EcoClean™ panels. Manufactured by Alcoa.

To help quantify the advantages and cost saving benefits of the Reynobond® with EcoClean™, Alcoa offers an easy to use evaluator tool on their website.

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About the Manufacturer: Alcoa is the world’s leading producer of primary aluminum and fabricated aluminum, as well as the world’s largest miner of bauxite and refiner of “alumina”. While the production of aluminum may be considered environmental damaging, Alcoa works to reduce its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The company started the 10 million trees project with the goal of planting 10 million trees worldwide from 2003 to 2020 and continues to forge ahead in developing highly-evolved ideas surrounding our built and natural environments.

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