Milan 2012 | Trend Report: Linearity and Repetition

You might know Jessica Carnevale’s stretch chairs as seen at MoMA, ABC Home, The Future Perfect, and more. This year in the Lambrate district of Milan, Carnevale Studio launched their newest works: Brutiful Clay Tables (shown above).

These tables represent larger trends, Linearity and Repetition, that seemed to infiltrate Salone across a multitude of scales, from small objects like the Clay Tables, to full installation (Poliform’s exhibit at Zona Tortora). At this year’s Design Week in Milan, I saw this predominantly represented in new chairs and lighting. Whether horizontal or vertical, thin metal, or wider repeated shapes, these repetitions created some really beautiful forms.

Linearity and Repetition: On-Trend Highlights

Foscarini Behive Light, Salone 2012, linear, slats

Behive light manufactured by Foscarini

Shelf Fulfilling Prophecy by Laurie Noversier, Salone 2012, Milan Design Week

“Shelf Fulfilling Prophecy” by Laurie Noversier and Jolanda Vangoor at Zona Tortona Temporary Museum for New Design

Cantori Lighting, Milan Design Week, Salone 2012

Lighting by Cantori

“Rody” chair by Mixcv, Milan Design Week, Salone 2012

“Rody” chair by Mixcv

Olympia Utopia Light, Lambrate, Milan Design Week

Olympia Utopia light at the Lambrate show Instant Stories

W.01 lounge chair by Marco Sousa Santos for Branca Lisboa

W.01 lounge chair by Marco Sousa Santos for Branca Lisboa at Superflash show

Branca Lisboa was showing at Superflash, a very interesting show held in a bank (Intesa Sanpaulo) near Duomo. We wandered in off of the street unaware that it was a bank. The work was fantastic, and we met the designer, Marco Sousa Santos, as well. Check out his R&B2 chairs in addition to the W.01 lounge chair, shown above.

www, a linear shelf by Viktor Matic

“www” by Viktor Matic

Viktor Matic’s “www” is “an interpretation of the ‘shelf’ archetype.” Images don’t do www (above) justice, so be sure to check out his video for further insight on this piece.

Scarlet lamps by Natascha Madeiski, Lambrate 1239,1240, Milan Design Week

Scarlet lamps by Natascha Madeiski at Lambrate

bonacina vittorio, Milan Design Week 2012

Multiple chairs/tables manuactured by Bonacina Vittorio at Salone del Mobile

Odeon Chair by Fermob

Odeon chair by Fermob

bamboo chair jun zi by jeff dah-yue shi, Milan Design Week, Lambrate

Bamboo Chair Jun Zi by Jeff Dah-Yue SHI at Lambrate

linear exhibit space by Poliform at Zona Tortona show, Milan Design Week, Salone 2012

Linear exhibit space by Poliform at Zona Tortona

P.GLASSFACTORY from MOST show, Milan Design Week, Salone 2012


Michala Monroe, founding principal of m | monroe design, holds a BFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute. Michala’s expertise include residential and commercial Interior Design, staging, project management. Her interest in design psychology plays a large role in the creation of modern environments.

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