Explore the Future of Textiles with Camira’s Hemp Fabric

If any readers out there aren’t familiar with the Richard Linklater film Dazed and Confused, I’d suggest they dial it up stat. Among the gems from this 70s coming of age pic, is this stoner’s hypothesis of the life of our first President: “everyday George would come home, she would have a big fat bowl waiting for him, man, when he come in the door, man, she was a hip, hip, hip lady, man.” While it’s doubtful that “George” partook in this way, it’s nearly certain that he understood the economic value of hemp. And it’s this line of thinking that motivated Camira’s new line of Hemp fabric.

Hemp fabric. Manufactured by Camira.

Camira’s Hemp Fabric is Clean, Green, and Lovely to Look At.

Hemp Fabric. Manufactured by Camira.

As well as to touch, I might add. Camira cultivates the raw material for this innovative product on farms in the U.K., under the aegis of an agricultural crop. One of several varieties of Bast fiber plants (others include nettles, flax, and jute), Hemp contains a rich repository of natural textile fiber. Since the plant grows extremely rapidly—up to 12 feet in just 120 days—it’s a simple matter to grow, harvest, and replenish.

Hemp Fabric. Manufactured by Camira.

Another advantage of hemp is its impressive resilience. The crop is naturally resistant to fluctuations of temperature and weather, as well as to the invasive overtures of pests and fungi. This means it’s inherently clean, requiring no petro chemicals to keep it viable. Further, hemp is naturally fire-resistant, thus precluding the addition of chemical-based retardants.

Hemp Fabric. Manufactured by Camira.

After harvesting, Camira blends the natural hemp textile with new wool, sourced from proximal locales in the U.K. After spinning it into a 60-40 wool-hemp yarn, Camira then processes the hemp fabric into a classic plain weave. Offered in 25 colorways, Camira’s hemp fabric is available either with the wool colored only—which emphasizes the organic appearance of the raw hemp—or double-dyed for a more uniform appearance.

About the Manufacturer: Based in the U.K., Camira Fabrics is a forward thinking textile company that holds the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. The company’s comprehensive environmental ethos stipulates using renewable raw materials that decompose fully at the end of a product’s life cycle; employing energy efficient high speed looms; and re-using over 100 tons of yarn and cardboard yearly courtesy of their convenient and efficient on-site recycling center.

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