Brandrud’s Centé Patient Chair by Herman Miller

We must give so much credit to our peers who work in the healthcare community. Long hours, giving so much attention and care to the young and the old, the injured and those in rehab – it’s a taxing career that my mother and numerous friends and relatives of mine have maintained for years. When a patient chair like the Centé Tilt by Herman Miller conforms and flexes to help those seated in it feel better – handily assisting caregivers as an additional nurturer – everyone involved can sigh in relief.

Centé Tilt patient chair. Manufactured by Brandrud for Herman Miller.

Tilt the Centé Patient Chair for Easy In-and-Out Access

Providing an extra injection of concentrated comfort for all patients and guests in healthcare facilities, the Centé Tilt chair is said to “reduce the physical effort required of caregivers when moving a patient from standing to seated and back to standing positions”. It’s partly the ergonomics and inner workings of the advanced chair design and also the innovative, easy control that can shift the chair to the desired position.

Centé Tilt patient chair. Manufactured by Brandrud for Herman Miller.

Brandrud’s Centé Tilt chair boasts a 10-degree recline at its tilt, allowing the spine to decompress and feel void of pressure. By allowing the back to relax, the patient, in turn, feels relaxed. With feet firmly on the ground, the thighs remain unharmed by any lack of blood flow since the seat does not rise. Similar to the Centé Tilt is their less expensive model, the Centé Flex. While the model is similar, the tilt is replaced with a flexing mechanism that consists of urethane springs that adjust the recline to a 2-degree recline for a straight, healthy spinal position.

Centé Tilt patient chair. Manufactured by Brandrud for Herman Miller.

Just as a nurse’s touch or a doctor’s watchful gaze keeps us feeling safe and sound, the subtle tilting and flexing of Brandrud’s Centé patient chair for Herman Miller keeps us as comfortable as humanly possible.

About the Manufacturer: Founded in Zeeland, Michigan in 1905 under the name “Star Furniture Company,” manufacturer Herman Miller is synonymous with the rise of Modern design in America and throughout the world. Under the aegis of design director George Nelson, the company has collaborated with such renowned designers as Isamu Noguchi, Robert Propst, and Charles and Ray Eames.

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