A TRE-Più Door Makes a Powerful Statement

One of the great things about a TRE-Più Door is that you know it will withstand the test of time. Loosely speaking—and at great risk of doing injustice to the company’s eclectic collection—Tre-Piu’s line is divided into two kinds of doors, classical and technically innovative.

Continuum. Designed by Antonio Citterio. Manufacturd by TRE-Più.

TRE-Più’s Doors Synthesize Millennial Functionality and Enduring Aesthetics

The company has authored more than 100 different doors, each of which offers excellent craftsmanship and high style. Some, however, seem to privilege innovation in the movement mechanics of this most crucial point of entry, aspiring either towards a seamless integration that de-emphasizes the door as an autonomous design element, or towards better operation that saves space.

Continuum. Designed by Antonio Citterio. Manufacturd by TRE-Più.

Antonio Citterio’s Continuum, for instance, features wood paneling evocative of a mid-century aesthetic. Along with beveled trim and a precision closure that duplicates the texture of the surrounding wall, Continuum appears the proverbial “hidden door,” making it right for fans of minimalistic Modernism as well as those who just appreciate the party trick aesthetic of a room without a door.

Then there’s the TRE-Più Sliding Door System. By replacing the traditional bargeboard with an easy-to-install steel rail, TRE-Più has made this old standby easier to operate as well as more streamlined in appearance: “both door panel and rail exhibit a modern and aggressive design, which makes this new sliding outside the wall door a piece of refined and contemporary technologic dimension.”

Continuum. Designed by Antonio Citterio. Manufacturd by TRE-Più.

Nor is TRE-Più behind the curve when it comes to environmental responsibility. The company’s Evolve line takes wood harvested from sustainably managed forests (FSC Certified) and “enhances the raw material, creating a fibrous structure, a texture that can be felt to the touch.” The result is an innovative product that behaves like wood yet feels like a fine textile.

Lastly, Planar is a precision machined door with the advanced aeronautical aspect of an airplane wing. Featuring prefect coplanarity (down to the millimeter), Planar not only offers the enhanced aesthetics of a thinner door, but also the improved functionality of perfect closure, as the streamlined profile brings the door to the same plane as the surrounding trim.

Continuum. Designed by Antonio Citterio. Manufacturd by TRE-Più.

About the Manufacturer: TRE-Più creates designer doors known industry-wide for their seamless functionality and cutting-edge aesthetics. TRE-Più routinely partners with some of the most iconic designers in the business, such as Antonio Citterio and Cini Boeri. The company’s line includes traditional hinged doors in addition to sliding door systems and wing doors. Recent standouts include Citterio’s Pavilion Minimal System and Boeri’s Rever.

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