A Clean Hideaway: The Crystalline Sink by BLANCO America

A clean house might see the new “vanishing sink” by BLANCO America as the perfect way to conserve kitchen surface space and keep a kitchen looking exceptionally tidy. The way its optional hideaway surface cover may hide the sink and objects beneath could also be attractive to the more relaxed clean types, treating it like a tiny closet for dirty dishes when guests pop over unexpectedly. Either way, the result is clearly positive – giving us more surface area and buying us extra time.

Crystalline sink in white. Manufactured by BLANCO America.

A Hideaway Kitchen Sink with a Glass Cutting Board Cover

The BLANCO Crystalline sink serves up a clean aesthetic with a punch of black or white. Combining the glamorous and functional look of 18-gauge stainless steel in the sink design beneath, the Crystalline hideaway sinks come in a combination of stainless steel and either black or white glass covers that can be used as cutting boards. As BLANCO America writes, it is “perfect for smaller kitchens, as well as islands or butler’s pantries” since the size is minimized by its ultra-productive modularity. Their new sink also features innovative MicroEdge™ technology with contemporary, clean lines that coordinate best with the BLANCO Linus kitchen faucet in polished chrome.

Crystalline sink in white. Manufactured by BLANCO America.

Crystalline sink in black. Manufactured by BLANCO America.

The white or black safety glass that fits over the top of the sink not only looks nice, it also functions as more workspace for a cutting board, preparing multiple dishes at a time, etc. Additionally, BLANCO says the small upper tray is perfect for storing your sponge or for rinsing cooking utensils”.

Crystalline sink in white. Manufactured by BLANCO America.

While a garbage disposal is not an option within the Crystalline sink by BLANCO America, the addition of a large, flat sink cover and faucet ledge make up for the ease of the Crystalline’s overall function with a luxurious look.

About the Manufacturer: Family-owned since 1925, BLANCO used to be a company made up of a mere thirty employees who made copper parts for cookers and hot water bottles. After years of perfecting the art of constant reinvention and innovation in the kitchen, they have now produced over 40 million sinks. BLANCO is known throughout the world as a luxury brand for the kitchen with a focus on faucets and sinks in groundbreaking materials and finishes

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