Up in the Air: Cloud by Segis USA

Like many idiomatic expressions featuring numbers, “on cloud nine” has a murky history. It seems that the expression meaning blissfully happy may have begun as cloud seven. Eager ears appear to have changed the number, increasing it to nine (and even thirty-seven). Whatever the reason, on cloud nine stuck (two digits above seventh heaven, interestingly, which should be the acme). With or without an attached number, clouds refer to a state of transcendence for obvious reasons—their height, beauty, celestial location, and so forth. Almost everyone’s favorite is the cumulus, with its fluff, round forms. And this is the cloud that seems to be the inspiration behind Cloud, a stackable polypropylene guest hair by Segis USA.

Cloud. Manufactured by Segis USA.

Cloud-Shaped, Stackable Polypropylene Chair

Cloud. Manufactured by Segis USA.

Available in seven colors, Cloud features dramatic rounded arms that mimic the curvaceous sweep of a cumulus cloud. The back of the chair is also a bulging circle, so that anyone who sits in Cloud gets surrounded in globose shapes. The chair has a 20” seat depth, 22” width, and 30.5” height and is stackable up to eight. Its durable polypropylene material makes it ideal for contract markets, and its unique aesthetic too.

Cloud. Manufactured by Segis USA.

A group of red Cloud chairs works great in any office that’s interested in taking a chance. They would look fantastic in the lobby of an architectural firm or marketing company. In bright yellow, Cloud also recalls an intense sun or glowing planet. I like this color for boutique hotels in Miami and Las Vegas. In black, the Cloud chair can go almost anywhere, since it stresses the chair’s form. Cloud is also available in a light blue reminiscent of a clear sky. This combination is the most heavenly.

About the Manufacturer: Segis USA began in 2005, operating a factory and customer service operation based in Morristown, Tennessee. The Segis management team has over 70 years combined experience in the contract market. Offering a range of furniture, from lounge seating to stackable chairs and occasional tables, Segis USA puts a creative spin on contract furniture, designing unusual seating for airports, lounges, and museums.  As an example, see their Highway Loop.

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