Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns

Rev up more than just your campfire intelligence and ceiling fan appreciation this summer with a lantern that brings out the best of the summer heat. This week’s Top Ten list focuses on a wide assortment of lanterns made from thin paper, driftwood, perforated steel, and glass of every clear, ribbed and diffused variety that use their subtle glows to capture the still of the warming nights ahead.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

Brighten Up for the Approaching Summer with a Glowing Lantern

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

1. Fire Lantern
DESIGNER: Marc Philipp Veenendaal
PRICE: $3,990
Dimensions: 24.5″H x 17.3″W x 17.3″D

Unlike the other lamps, the Fire Lantern by Marc Philipp Veenendaal for EcoSmart uses its abstract cut-out pattern to shine brightly indoors or out with a burner instead of a bulb. It can be used in residential or commercial settings and shuts off by using the lid to put out its flame.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

2. Hydrangea
DESIGNER: Sarah Foote
PRICE: $649
Dimensions: 14″W x 16″H

Taking on the look of confetti – except made from hundreds of ash veneer circles – the Hydrangea is a custom, made-to-order hanging lantern by Brooklyn-based designer Sarah Foote. After seeing the Hydrangea featured on 3Rings in 2011, the details and its clustered but delicate design set the inspiration for this list.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

3. Japanese Lantern
DESIGNER: Elizabeth Meredith
MANUFACTURER: Fire Farm Lighting
PRICE: $273
Dimensions: 19″H x 14″W

The Japanese Lantern table lamp by Elizabeth Meredith is a contemporary Asian-inspired design that includes a flower petal paper shade. The simplicity is intentional as it sits in its rust-painted structure filled with the light of a 100 watt bulb that filters through its curvy, diffused shade.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

4. Natural Driftwood
PRICE: $871
Dimensions: 37″H x 20″dia. with 6′ chain

Small pieces of carefully picked driftwood wrap around the Natural Driftwood lantern’s illuminated interior by Currey & Co. Created as a natural and unfinished chandelier design, the hanging lantern comes with brown-tinted candles and a rust-finished wire structure to bring out a welcoming cabin feel.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.
5. Urban Camper
DESIGNER: Chieh-Ting Huang
PRICE: n/a
Dimensions: varies

Hand-crafted lanterns that “draw on the symbolism associated with both Eastern and Western cultures” show how Taiwanese designer Chieh-Ting Huang went for simplicity and charisma in his Urban Camper lighting, also known as the ‘P Objects’ lighting. The series consists of adorable, colorful lanterns that are perfect for the picnic table near your backyard playground.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

6. Futura
DESIGNER: Doyle Crosby
PRICE: n/a
Dimensions: 8-7/8″ dia. x 12-1/2″H

For use with either an incandescent bulb or fluorescent bulb, the water-jet cut metal fins of the Futura hanging lantern by Doyle Crosby surround its etched glass diffuser. Manufactured by Boyd Lighting, this modern style lantern is available in several finishes, including Satin Copper (shown), Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Polished Copper and Antiqued Copper.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

7. Season
DESIGNER: Rios Clementi Hale Studios
PRICE: $50- 180
Dimensions: 6″ dia. x 14″H (3 candles); 8″ dia. x 20″H (4 candles); 12″ dia. x 26″ H (5 candles)

The perforated, graphic appearance of the steel-made, Season lanterns by Rios Clementi Hale Studios for notNeutral works wonders on adjacent surfaces when night falls. Using candles (which are included), the persimmon, black and white finishes available can accent paths, light up tables and make for a great evening, picnic at the beach atmosphere.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

8. Chinoiserie
PRICE: n/a
Dimensions: 20.5″H x 17″W

Appropriately resembling the imperial architecture of China, the antique Chinoiserie lantern by Vaughan is a modern rendition of a mildly-embellished light fixture from centuries past. Glass and gold accents with deep rust-colored strips wrap around its exterior showing ample transparency for an all-around glow.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

9. Icosa
DESIGNER: Ross Menuez
PRICE: $160
Dimensions: 12″W x 12″L x 12″H

Using wool felt and a cord set, the Icosa pendant lamp by Ross Menuez takes on a lantern-like quality, inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic dome. The felt allows light to flow out of its shaded shell like heat, warmly lighting up a space without the weighty drama of thick materials or metal.

Top Ten: Warm Weather Lanterns.

10. Moroccan
MANUFACTURER: St. Tropez Boutique
PRICE: n/a
Dimensions: varies

In a handmade variety of hanging Moroccan pendant lanterns, the lighting manufacturer St. Tropez Boutique makes the light sparkle from within. Hang the small, glass-blown pendant lanterns solo or group them together for a dazzling effect.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Warm Weather Lanterns!

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