The Exciting New Board Kitchen by Pietro Arosio for Snaidero

I’d like to extend my apologies in advance, for I just can’t pass up the easy pun… Tired of the cooking infrastructure of your kitchen taking up the lion’s share of available space? Bored with the bulk and cumbersome layout? Manufacturer Snaidero and designer Pietro Arosio would like you to get “unbored” with Board—“a self-supporting structure that unfolds from the wall units.”

Board Kitchen. Designed by Pietro Arosio. Manufactured by Snaidero.

Snaidero’s Board Kitchen Maximizes Space and Minimizes Visual Clutter

I like to this of this extraordinarily innovative design as an achievement in subtraction. In fact, from where I currently sit, if one were to whittle away the countertops, reduce the size of the sink, even banish the bulky expanse of cabinetry, the remaining core components might come to resemble Board.

Board Kitchen. Designed by Pietro Arosio. Manufactured by Snaidero.

Such is the lightness of Arosio’s new minimalist kitchen. Facilitated by the technological achievement of Snaidero’s new anchoring system, Board’s principal board, if you will, emerges from the lovely monolithic wall units as elegantly as a high spring diving platform above a shimmering Olympic pool.

The unit juts forth and dynamically presents its exceptionally functional goods: Corian structure, six compact receptacles (including sink, cutlery/jar/spice containers, organic waste bin, and cooktop). Slide-in chopping blocks convert some of this precious square footage into a work surface and/or an impromptu table/bar for an audience of two.

Board Kitchen. Designed by Pietro Arosio. Manufactured by Snaidero.

The design not only provides for a smart and functional solution to challenging spaces, it also establishes an appealing new aesthetic—Board’s smooth geometry can be outfitted in elegant fashion from among Snaidero’s 100+ color/finish options. Further—and claiming full advantage of Corian’s aesthetic utility—Board’s entire structure can be diffused with a lovely luminosity: “Brighten up the surfaces with a uniform flow of light, when the unit is in use, or generate more relaxed diffusions of light for emotional ambiance effects.”

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About the Manufacturer: For 65 years Snaidero has designed and manufactured kitchens and kitchen components with a cutting edge aesthetic and a careful eye to functionality. This last quality is of supreme importance in the kitchen, and Snaidero consistently balances the needs of a kitchen-based lifestyle with an avant garde aesthetic. The company routinely attracts leading designers—Massimo Iosa Ghini, Angelo Mangiarotti, and Paolo Pininfarina have all authored original work for Snaidero.

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