Blomberg’s New GEN 23436 E Gas Cooktop

It’s easy to think of cooktops as a one-size-fits-all kind of item. That is to say, unlike couches or floors, for instance, cooktops are necessarily constrained to a certain shape, a certain configuration, even a certain size. The implicit uniformity is one reason you don’t see more posts on cooktops in this venue. But every so often we come across a gas hob that—through innovation or special aesthetic appeal—merits some in-depth investigation. Just so with Blomberg’s GEN 23436 E gas hob.

GEN 23436 Gas Hob. Manufactured by Blomberg.

Blomberg’s GEN 23436 E Gas Cooktop Synthesizes High Performance and Enhanced Safety

This relatively compact cooktop anticipates most culinary challenges that your average, or above average, chef can expect to face. The stainless steel appliance features four gas burners, cast iron pan supports, auto ignition front control knobs, and a one piece removable hob surface to minimize the usual pains assorted with the conventional four piece set up.

Among that roster of attractive enhancements, I tend to favor the latter, since removal and cleaning of these elements is among my least favorite kitchen chores and certainly tops my list of reasons to not go with gas.

GEN 23436 Gas Hob. Manufactured by Blomberg.

Of course, given the even flame and pinpoint precision of a Blomberg cooktop, this shortcoming would never convert me to electric, so it’s really just the proverbial icing on the cake. But in this case there’s even icing on the icing, since the Blomberg GEN 23436 E features a front-left triple crown wok burner that “helps you cook food rapidly without compromising any nutritional values.” And, the one-piece design of the cooktop facilitates easy, elegant control of multiple pots and pans, as they slide from one burner to the next, quickly and effortlessly.

Via Appliancist.

About the Manufacturer: Manufacturer Blomberg’s illustrious history dates back to 1893, when namesake Bernhard Blomberg founded the company. In the nearly 120 years since,  Blomberg has evolved to become a premier global supplier of all manner of modern convenience. Each of Blomberg’s scrupulously designed home appliances aspires towards maximum energy efficiency, minimum water consumption, and elegant design: “the heart of Blomberg’s philosophy is to achieve harmony between design and quality so that you can enjoy life.”

Posted April 16, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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