Wide-Set Legs in Modular Fashion Differentiate the Motivate Tables by HON

For many of us, there’s no higher yielding efficacy than technology when it comes to staying on top of your job: the iPhone, the iPad, a new wireless mouse or some great new software. In my case, I’m the proud owner of a brand new monitor that works in tandem with my laptop for a greater visual spread. And to be quite honest, I don’t know how I wrote and looked at images using a track pad and 13″ laptop screen without going mad. For those in education, the brand new Motivate tables from HON would be the dual screen equivalent.

Motivate tables. Designed by Wolfgang Deisig. Manufactured by HON.

The Modular Line of Motivate: Classroom and Collaborative Work Tables by HON

As a part of the entire Motivate series that fits into educational settings as well as collaborate work environments, the academic tables in particular show off the hard work HON has put into making their products tech-friendly and as I can personally attest, user-thankful. Apart from my opinion on the matter, designer Wolfgang Deisig himself says that his intent “is to respond to the changing work place trends by designing and developing a broad platform of contemporary multi-use furniture that has a common design language.” Deisig comes with years of contract furniture expertise, having created the Ceres task chair for HON as well as other delectable furnishings for various manufacturers. The tables are created with increased comfort by situating the legs closer to the edge than normal tables. This allows for more freedom to cross and adjusting your seated posture without causing a scene.

Motivate tables. Designed by Wolfgang Deisig. Manufactured by HON.

The Motivate line of dynamic tables feature built-in power and technology with plenty of additional options that will meet every classroom or office need as if custom-created for its setting. A few of the extras include: power solutions, wire management strips, ganging devices and modesty panels for a sleek aesthetic. Beside the Motivate table, a variety of resilient chairs that stack or roll, presentation equipment, and even powering stations are built to create a uniform look wherever and however they fit into any size project.

Motivate tables. Designed by Wolfgang Deisig. Manufactured by HON.

As Deisig and the HON team continue to push the bill on design in the modular department, none of us complain. In fact, their readiness to give us the go ahead for consistent adaptation to our needs makes me want to get one to go under that new monitor at home as well.

About the Manufacturer: HON is a contract furniture manufacturer that specializes in offices and school settings. Whether it is chairs, desks, storage systems, workstations, presentation equipment or folding and connecting tables of the modular variety – like their Motivate tables or the Huddle tables – they do it all. Included among the company’s line of brand new products, the Motivate series features everything from stacking chairs to elite power managing systems that will make adapting to the fluid movement of the changing classroom easy.

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