Welcome to Earth: The Fusion Rocker by Mark Goetz for Cabot Wrenn Care

Nothing should take away from the miracle of birth. Not an obnoxious in-law, not a Facebook status update, and definitely not a stiff side chair to harden the babe’s magnificent entrance onto planet Earth. It’s got to move, to glide… to rock. That said, imagine the perfect patient room design in a hospital’s family birthing unit and the one essential in-laws and Facebook friends can agree on – beside the bed and medical equipment – is a rocking chair that can smoothly handle the pressure.

Fusion Rocker. Designed by Mark Goetz. Manufactured by Cabot Wrenn Care.

Danish Style Meets Maternal Instincts in the Fusion Rocker

“The Fusion Rocker is a must-have for maternity rooms and was developed through observation and experience,” writes the Cabot Wrenn Care description of the Scandinavian-inspired rocking chair. Clearly, designer Mark Goetz plugged in the many influences from his university his semester abroad in Copenhagen when determining that comforting angles and wide armrests would be the best choice for a nurturing rocking chair. But thanks to further exploration, its name is not derived from Danish design alone. As Cabot Wrenn Care writes, “Through researching and noting which historical rockers provided the greatest level of comfort and stability, the Fusion Rocker grew into a sensitive design solution for new mothers.”

Fusion Rocker. Designed by Mark Goetz. Manufactured by Cabot Wrenn Care.

Offered as an extension into the maternity sector of a successful line-up of Cabot Wrenn Care’s healthcare seating, the Fusion Rocker by Mark Goetz could lull any of us to sleep. Its wide stance measures 42″H x 29.5″ W x 33.5″D, and with a generous arm surface and slight, ever so inviting lean, this rocking goddess puts recliners to shame.

Fusion Rocker. Designed by Mark Goetz. Manufactured by Cabot Wrenn Care.

In addition, the controlled rocking motion that it gives new mothers, fathers, relatives and friends in the maternity unit is attained through the subtle arches and a supportive feel in over 120 leather upholstery choices, hundreds of fabric options from thirteen different companies, and matching pieces for a cohesive interior.

About the Designer: Influenced by both his education at Pratt Institute in New York and a semester spent abroad at the Danish Royal Academy in Copenhagen, Mark Goetz began with one-of-a-kind pieces for commission but has since moved into high-end retail and contract pieces. Now a “Best of NeoCon” Gold Award recipient, Goetz creates progressive pieces like the Tenure chair, Fusion, Beyond and Social designs for Cabot Wrenn.

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