The Grillage Chair by Francois Azambourg for Ligne Roset

By itself, Ligne Roset‘s description of a design by Francois Azambourg that reads “Grillage tells the story of its manufacturing process” makes me think of something conjured up by teenagers playing Balderdash as an onomatopoeic word for crackling bratwurst over a fire. Before I get lost any further in my fascination with ‘snap, crackle, pop’ word use, or get into my humble Balderdash winnings from decades past, the Grillage we’re referring to is actually a gorgeous indoor/outdoor lounge chair.

Grillage chair. Designed by Francois Azambourg. Manufactured by Ligne Roset.

Gentle Metal Folds Create an Organic Look: The Grillage Indoor/Outdoor Chair for Ligne Roset

For starters, the folded, semi-transparent look of the Grillage chair design by Francois Azambourg is created using a simple sheet of metal. Forming its basic shape by bending this sheet into the perfect warped, curved look, the chair is as close to an all natural, corn-fed piece of food for thought here in the interior design world. Its easy grace causes us to take a moment to reflect purely on the process. With Azambourg’s focus on the essential ergonomics and comfort that a chair must provide, his strong seat’s metal base and wide girth are undeniably inviting and lovely from every angle.

Grillage chair. Designed by Francois Azambourg. Manufactured by Ligne Roset.

Created for Ligne Roset, the Grillage chair debuted at imm cologne show last year – capitalizing on the unique quality of each of the hand-creased chairs in black and light blue. (Ligne Roset writes that the light blue version is suitable for the outdoors.) Apparently, since each chair is created slightly different from the next, their form will evolve slightly over time. For those who think plain metal cannot possible be comfortable for more than a few moments at a park bench, the Grillage chairs can also come “warmed up” with a thin, quilted chair cover that attaches with magnets sewn into the fabric to soften the stiffness of its spaced, grid-like rows.

Grillage chair. Designed by Francois Azambourg. Manufactured by Ligne Roset.

Ghostly in its almost invisible appearance without the quilted cover, the Grillage chair by Francois Azambourg is great for entertaining guests in comfortable modernity inside of a window-lit den or outside in a minimalist patio.

Via Dezeen.

About the Manufacturer: Ligne Roset has established itself as a leader in contemporary furniture design. By working with first-rate designers the world over, both established and upcoming, the French company remains at the forefront of innovation. Headquartered in Briord, which remains the location of their factory, Ligne Roset began as a family-run business back in 1860 and continues as such today. The brand became official in 1973 with its first store opening; the company currently operates more than 200 stores.

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