The Adaptable Deski Table by Markus Toivanen

While a Murphy bed saves space, its never made it as a hit within quaint quarters. Not that I blame us: If we splurge on one thing in our living spaces - no matter what the size of our home - it is typically a big, comfortable bed. Equipped to handle the repercussions, the Deski table by Markus Toivanen functions as a dining table that turns into a desk, saving square footage without sacrificing style or comfort.

Deski Table. Designed by Markus Toivanen.

The Green Design of the Deski Table by Markus Toivanen Quickly Transforms from Dining Table to Desk

Created by Finnish designer Markus Toivanen, who recently completed his MA in Applied Art and Design from Aalto University's School of Art and Design, the Deski Table is a desk and dining table in one four-legged structure. The table is divided into four consoles that have removable surfaces. By detaching the pieces, each portable working surface can be used individually, or as a portable workspace. Reattach them when dinner's ready using the magnets to keep everything perfectly in place.

Deski Table. Designed by Markus Toivanen.

"One can hide all the desk’s small items inside the consoles," writes Toivanen of the Deski Table when it is used as a work surface. Additionally, rubber components inside of the consoles facilitate the use of extension cords for every device imaginable and by using just an allen key and wrench the entire unit can be taken apart for transport. Measuring 55.1"W x 29.1"H x 31.5"D, it is made using Effex, which is a recycled by-product made by Stora Enso our of Pine wood sawdust.

Save space with the Deski table that adapts into your small living area flawlessly as it changes from dining table to desk. Using Toivarnen's fresh expertise in Design with an industrial but clean edge, its the perfect piece to bring in truly modern style.

About the Designer: Markus Toivanen is a Finnish designer who graduated with his BA degree in Packaging and Brand Design from the Lahti Institute of Design before going on to work as a Structural Designer. Most recently, Toivanen received his MA from Aalto University and has begun a freelance career in Finland and in Thailand, working for several companies. With a forté in designing structure and packaging, his latest ventures have included furniture - like the Deski Table - and product design.

Posted March 2, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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