Sustaining Cotton: The Organic Foxfibre® Fabric by Vreseis

While I find it hard to trust all companies that claim to be organic, I try my best to give a veritable few the benefit of the doubt. If not, my brain would do more harm to my body than the food itself. Thankfully our friends over at BuildingGreen step in to do the tough digging when it comes to building design, seeking out companies like Vreseis who make a divine, organic cotton upholstery without the bells and whistles of unnecessary extras.

Foxfibre® fabric. Manufactured by Vreseis.

Natural, Organic Cotton Upholstery: The Foxfibre® Fabric by Vreseis

Foxfibre® fabrics by Vreseis use an organic grown cotton that is sustainably-sourced for the highest quality end product that comes in shades of green, brown and natural off-white. As Sally Vreseis Fox, owner and founder of Vreseis, remarks with pride, “I am personally dedicated to a sustainable approach to agriculture. All of the cotton from my plant breeding nursery is certified organic. My goal to develop organic methods that are suitable for large-scale production of Foxfibre cotton has been achieved.”

Foxfibre® fabric. Manufactured by Vreseis.

“Over the years, my plant breeding program has developed an exciting range of fiber types and shades of color in the greens and browns,” Vreseis Fox adds. “The color will intensify with up to 20 washings. The first washing is the most dramatic change; subsequent color changes will be subtler.” While the color will get bolder – unlike many cottons we’re familiar with – the fabric shrinkage is similar to other cotton fabrics of similar structures.

Foxfibre® fabric. Manufactured by Vreseis.

Each of the fabrics feature the Colorganic, or the distinguishing Foxfibre® cotton, which has been produced and processed in accordance with certified organic methods. As BuildingGreen adds of the durable cotton upholstery, “the brown color is naturally flame-retardant, though additional chemicals have to be added to meet most commercial standards.”

Foxfibre® fabric. Manufactured by Vreseis.

When it comes to going natural, there is nothing as beautiful as hearty, spun fabrics in earthy shades by a manufacturer we love to trust.

via BuildingGreen.

About the Manufacturer: Vreseis Ltd. used to be solely a retail and wholesale mail order company based in California that sold cotton lint to handspinners. With time, owner Sally Vreseis Fox expanded horizontally in the cotton market, claiming her organic stake as a company that offers lint, sliver, yarn, fabric, wool, fleeces and finished products to all who welcome the hard work and dedication put into every stage.

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