Stand Up for the Great Outdoors: Heron Table Lamp by Enrico Azzimonti

Some lamps like the game of pretending they’re purportedly magical by hiding every trace of electrical cord. It’s as if these lighting fixtures just happen to glow. Other lamps take pride in demystifying the “secret” of illumination. In the case of the Heron table lamp by Enrico Azzimonti, a merry and honest scarlet cord gladly shows off the flow of energy – from wall to green-friendly LED bulb.

Heron table lamp. Designed by Enrico Azzimonti. Manufactured by Bilumen.

The Heron Table Lamp Uses 100% Recyclable Materials and LED Light Bulbs

By giving the Heron it’s optimal freedom to dance up and down, angling over or stretching itself out, the red cord does more than bring power to its bell-shaped or linear diffuser. As a contrasting color to the white-lacquered body of the lamp, the Heron’s dual tones work in harmony, suggesting its ability to move. It’s as if the Heron table lamp is a character sketch for a new movie with frolicking furnishings that dance (and bark) like in Beauty and the Beast or Toy Story. Except in this case, it might be more prone to fly and wade around like, well, a Heron.

Heron table lamp. Designed by Enrico Azzimonti. Manufactured by Bilumen.

Made by an Italian designer by the name of Enrico Azzimonti for Bilumen, an added bonus in the design of the Heron lamp is its desire to do the planet good. Its body is made from 100% recyclable materials, and course its LED light bulbs are energy-efficient. As an advocate for infusing a sense of light fun into any interior decor – regardless of modern, traditional, or even country aesthetic – I can see this piece being used with a finished wood table, a black lacquered console, or even showing off its silhouette on top of a piano or nightstand.

Heron table lamp. Designed by Enrico Azzimonti. Manufactured by Bilumen.

The philosophies we choose to live by cover a wide spectrum: Cover up your baggage or open up and tell all. Although the lamps we choose many not reflect the level privacy we are comfortable with, the Heron is an unassuming friend. Its light shines to set a few different examples of what its like to be an drama-free, earth-friendly piece of flexible work.

via Apartment Therapy.

About the Designer: Enrico Azzimonti is not exactly a lighting designer by trade. In fact, he earned his Architecture degree from the Politecnico di Milano and founded his design studio a year later, in 1994, to design everything architectural with a taste of industrial design in the mix. After returning for his Master’s degree in Design Management at the same university, Azzimonti began collaborating with various designers while continuing his architecture practice and testing out industrial design projects. Beyond his architecture, Azzimonti’s project list contains everything from tabletop trays and lighting to specialty coffee cups and clocks.

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