Enthralling Heat: The New 36″ Gas Cooktop by Fisher & Paykel

From the aerial view of the brand new 36″, five-burner gas cooktop by Fisher & Paykel, I’d say my 20/20 vision serves me correctly: It’s a piece of art – and a handsome one at that. In appliance terms, the new, brushed stainless steel cooktop goes by its full name, CG365DWACX1. To those of us with a selective photographic memory, let’s just etch it into our minds as the hottest new cooktop on the market.

36″ Five-burner Gas Cooktop – CG365DWACX1. Manufactured by Fisher & Paykel.

Perfect for the Innovative Chef: The New 36″ Five-Burner Gas Cooktop from Fisher & Paykel

Instead of the resorting to the look of a traditional gas cooktop, this Fisher & Paykel 36″ wide version has convenient cast iron trivets between the elements. Recessed into the cooktop, the grates are there to aid in moving heavy pots and pans from one burner to the next without spillage. In fact, Fisher & Paykel says “the CG365DWACX1 gas cooktop lets you create mouth watering dishes with ease,” pointing out that the cooktop has arrived for your culinary  pleasure. Anyone else in love yet? I’m there.


Additional key features of the new gas cooktop for Fisher & Paykel also catches the eye. Most notably the mighty central burner’s dusted gold color. Contrasting the brushed stainless steel of the entire unit, this powerful burner has a burner output of 19,000 – 3,753 (LPG) or 20,000 – 3,753 (Natural Gas). The four surrounding burners consist of a rapid burner, simmer burner, and two semi-rapid burners.


The grates come in three porcelainized cast iron pieces making them easy to clean up, and the cooktop has electronic ignition (and auto re-ignition) which makes tedious recipes flow without a hitch. Just in case said hitch arrives in the form of too much heat, its 36″W x 21.5″D x 3″H design comes built with a high lip, keeping spills of up to four liters contained with pieces that quickly can be removed and cleaned.


Stylized for a gorgeous and convenient brushed stainless steel effect, the 36″ five-burner gas cooktop for Fisher & Paykel is destined to create cooking bliss, paying attention to the modern details that matter most.

About the Manufacturer: Since the 1930’s, Fisher & Paykel has been a household appliance design and manufacturing company that focuses on innovative technology, streamlined aesthetics, user-friendly design and environmental awareness. They have three subsidiary companies that belong under the Fisher & Paykel brand: Production Machinery Limited builds production equipment, Dynamic Cooking Systems Inc. manufactures indoor and outdoor cooking products in the United States, and Fisher & Paykel Italy, a company that manufactures European cooking products.

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