Wall and Ceiling Efficiency: The Helissa Lights by Zumtobel

Recessed wall- and ceiling-mounted luminaires can create a dazzling full brightness throughout an interior space that lamps and hanging pendants cannot replicate . For the ultimate in contract quality healthcare lighting that can open up a room, the fresh look of the Helissa lights by Austrian lighting company, Zumtobel come in various shapes and sizes.

Helissa D450 light. Manufactured by Zumtobel.

Recessed Luminaires - like the Helissa by Zumtobel - Provides Guidance and Safety on Pathways and in Peripheral Areas.

"In indoor and outdoor areas, recessed floor and wall-mounted luminaires provide guidance and safety on pathways and in peripheral areas such as staircases and corridors," Zumtobel writes as they introduce the category of high quality recessed lighting on their website. The Helissa lamp, to be more specific, does not act as a floor luminaire. Instead, it is classified as one that can be placed on the wall or the ceiling to help light hallways and rooms uniformly. The Helissa has several shape and size options that include either round or square lights in 360mm or 450mm sizes.

Helissa D450 light. Manufactured by Zumtobel.

Helissa Q360 light. Manufactured by Zumtobel.

The Helissa D360 is the round luminaire that measures 360mm in diameter. Likewise, the Helissa Q360 is the square luminaire that measures the same area. Repeat the same idea for the Helissa D450 and Helissa Q450 lights, except with a 450mm diameter and area. Beside the two sizing options there is also the D360 and Q360 luminaires that have a protection type measuring IP 65 that titled accordingly, DP360 IP65 and Q360 IP65. In total, the six Helissa options available are very similar by nature. Each come with an optional color filter addition that highlights the light corona in red, yellow, green or blue.

Helissa D450 light. Manufactured by Zumtobel.

Helissa Q450 light. Manufactured by Zumtobel.

Made with sleek lines and square or circular shapes, the 360mm and 450mm Helissa wall- and ceiling-mounted luminaires by Zumtobel are the go-to solution for lighting up small to large spaces with a focus on efficency and innovation.

About the Manufacturer: Zumtobel is an international lighting company that is part of the Zumtobel Group. The integration of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures within any type of space - from residential to healthcare - is their expertise that has been honed over the past 50+ years of creating and studying the art of light. Their goal is to continue to improve upon their innovative, custom luminaires that focus on efficiency, good looks and natural ergonomics.

Posted February 8, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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